Take a deep breath before you act or react to the "Letter"

Submitted by Rick Krane on 5/31/06 at 7:36 AM. ( rmkinc1@msn.com )

Oh boy is this something or what? I have not received the "said) letter as of yet and perhaps I will not (how bizarre) however I was called several times yesterday by folks who have received this letter and have asked me to say something. I don't know what to really say other than Folks are extremely concerned and some left upset by the over ramification this may in some way expose the Darker side of the politics surrounding the NTA. This letter is not the NTA or what the NTA is about as a body. Certainly this letter after having been read to me several times yesterday is a political suicide letter. No matter what it was intended to do or not to do it was a vehicle to point out the darker side of what is ugly about politics. Nothing original there!

I don't personally know these people being prorated in the letter I certainly know of them however keep in mind that truth only becomes true in the form of hear say when the legend becomes fact then fact becomes truth. If it was the intention of the letter to draw light to a particular angle or focus about what may or may not be a motivation by others, it doesn't stand as the truth about any thing in any light. The fact of the matter is it spoils the letter sender's intentions to do any thing other than make the rest of us disturbed at one level or another. How this Sevres anything other than a bit of bravado and a misguided execution of intention is beyond me but it certainly shins a bad light never the less.

This is taxidermy and the NTA is an association with member who makes it up to be what it is nothing more nothing less. We as members are the NTA not a president or a body of directors or what have you. The officers and directors are caretakers of r the betterment of what we want as members. They are members as well and part of us as we elect them. No need to draw comparisons to the NTA being like the USA or any other organized body like a government; it is what it and has been since 1972 a taxidermy association. Lets keep it in perspective the NTA is what other like-minded people made one day as a place for us to "play" in a word. No condescension meant by that just associations like the NTA give us an opportunity to learn and gather to have fun, make friends and to learn... RIGHT?

The NTA weathers the good times and the bad, it always has, and will. The NTA will continue to do so no matter who is at the helm because we are the NTA as members and we will always be like-minded as the founders were and want a place to play. Strong leadership and passive leadership alike. As long as the there is taxidermy and taxidermist there will be like minded people who will want to organize and gather to promote and better there passions for what it is they choice to do with there lives.

So letters asides... if there is a problem out there brewing or has been brewing from day one... I'm sure it is not the first time that it has reared its ugly head. With that said, I as a member, as life time member, made my decision a long time ago to be a part of this industry and the NTA as so many of us have as well. If you want some kind of change what ever it is or for what ever reason, then first ask what it is you want and why? It is ironic that I listen to new members and old ones alike talk about the NTA regarding this or that positively and some negatively, but when you ask what is it you need from the NTA or what do you want to see change it is the same thing I have heard for 20 years. This one person or persons have been here to long, or this one is to powerful or what ever... We all think it is a good idea to have change I think but what needs to be changed? I mean what is the real issue? The NTA more or less has about 2500 hundred members or so give or take. It has been this way for a while I believe and as long as there is 1 member left I think we will always want "better) whatever that better is? It is and can be a simple as wanting better and working for that goal but appreciating what you have. I asked one of the original founders this same question and he responded with some wise advice to me. "Whether it (the NTA) dies tomorrow or not there will always be shows to go to and people will always be taxidermist as it has been for ever.) So what we have is our NTA, which is basically us. So if we have a reason to change it or to make it better then lets go about it what ever "it) is and continues to organize for the betterment of taxidermy.

I'm sure nothing I have said is any new revelation to anyone reading it. I just want to respond to those who asked me to write some thing. We are the NTA and for what ever it is worth good or bad it has been here for a long time now and most like will be here long after I'm gone. So for those who care for it and give or have given there time to make it better over the years and today hats off to you! It is thankless hard work to make an association thrive, grow or just be, and no compensation could ever justify what it takes to make it all work I know this first hand. SO perfect or not it is what it is and the folks running it do what they do. So if you think it is not enough or it is just fine remember that "it) is only there because you are of the like mind and a taxidermist. So support your National association and be a member for all the right reason.

I'm sorry that letters are written in the spirit that this "said letter) was written in sake of the folks who read it and for the ones or one who wrote it. It is not wise always to cast stones just because you have them and you can. I'm sure there was a point to the "said letter) but it has been taken but spirit it was written in. I can't say but like most of us we all think we have the best intentions in mind but what is that that old saying about the road paved with good intentions. LOL...

I m sure it is not PC (so when has that concerned me LOL) God Bless and work hard to day!

My Best!
Rick Krane
Anglers Artistry
312 Chesterfield Rd
Hinsdale NH 03451

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perfect or not it is what it is

This response submitted by Mr.T on 5/31/06 at 12:03 PM. ( )

I have been teetering on joining for a long while, but what I have read and seen in the archive, and here yesterday, why would I want to join the NTA now? I believe we as taxidermist, need to have a voice to stand against PETA and similar groups that want to squelch and squash the wildlife industry, but dirty laundry in the NTA is never washed, or hung out in the yard to air out. How is this organization going to stand up against any threat with the mentality of angry {adults} that are bent on imploding the organization?
If that is what it is, they are not going to get to many new customers or members.

Mr T I agree

This response submitted by GB on 5/31/06 at 1:42 PM. ( )

I can tell you what I want it(the NTA) to be. An assoc that stands for the betterment of the taxidermy Industry. I would like to see them focus on the future instead of the past and for God's sake I would hope that the elected individuals would be mature enough to work together for a single goal and learn from past mistakes. I would love the minutes of the meetings published so we can see who is working for the same goals.

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