attention I.G.T. board members

Submitted by Michael on 7/1/06 at 2:42 PM. ( )

I just got off the phone with joe boggs and he's going to seek a vote from you the board members to make me president of the I.G.T. go with it and you will all be happy. I hope to be the best president of any assoc. in the country and to start a new award to be unveiled at the 2007 convention you will all be surprized by it name so vote to make me president.

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ass kisser

This response submitted by we the people on 7/1/06 at 5:12 PM. ( )

we the people can not be bought,the trophy is bullcrap

You gotta be kidding

This response submitted by I dont believe this on 7/1/06 at 6:26 PM. ( )

The new award is a scholarship for Mikey to go to taxidermy school!

no the new award is named

This response submitted by Michael on 7/1/06 at 9:24 PM. ( )

after a u.s. president and if the board will vote me the new president of the I.G.T. it will be given to the best taxidermist that i see fit to win it for the award is an honor for the winner.

Let me guess:

This response submitted by Cecil on 7/1/06 at 10:46 PM. ( )

the Bush League Award!

Yuk Yuk Yuk!

2 entries found for bush-league.

Main Entry: bush-league
Function: adjective
: being of an inferior class or group of its kind

Cute Cecil

This response submitted by George on 7/1/06 at 10:59 PM. ( )

For a TONGUE IN CHEEK remark, that wasn't bad. I just hope the IGT isn't so desparate to allow some airhead to take the reins. His comments remind me when Richard Nixon claimed that if he were elected, he had a secret plan to end the Vietnam war. We didn't know he planned on surrendering it.

Michael, you need some serious work on spelling, punctuation and capitalization before you think about which pair of socks to wear, much less IGT president.

Mike there is a Old Saying

This response submitted by Kemo Sabe on 7/2/06 at 12:24 AM. ( )

" Fools tread where wise men dare not go."
Be careful what you wish for ,you may get it .

poor joe boggs

This response submitted by mark on 7/2/06 at 12:45 PM. ( )

He must be embarassed beyond measure

hey everybody

This response submitted by Michael on 7/2/06 at 1:35 PM. ( )

you all just don't care about anybody i was looking forward to the to showing off my mounts at an I.G.T. event but i guess i see mr. boggs's point the award was going to be in honor of the 26th president of the united states theodore roosevelt but i guess it's time to fold up the I.G.T. stick a fork in it for it's done. sorry i even ask to try to help salvage it but i guess i will show my mounts at the state shows mybe not i don't like to be around children like you people that woun't say hope you can try to keep this thing going and i'm also very sorry i ask the taxidermist funding question i guess there are not alot of adults on here just children that need to learn a lesson that i speak softly and carry a big stick. it seems you ask for something and you get what's in this post. Michael


This response submitted by Terry on 7/2/06 at 6:04 PM. ( )

George- Thank you for asking for a bit of punctuation and grammar. None of us are perfect but most of us are at least in the ballpark. My goodness... my third graders are light years ahead of this fellow's posts, at least with regards to their writing skills. Anyway, it's nice that someone still notices. To me it's another one of those "signs of the times". lol

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