Turkey Life

Submitted by Jan D. Van Hoesen on 7/4/06 at 10:34 AM. ( vanhoese@freeway.net )

I'm not a turkey hunter but I do take a great interest in observing all kinds of wildlife. Last evening I saw something I had never seen before and it just pleased me no end to have been at the right place and time to have seen it. We live in the country with a woods of tall trees just behind our barn and animal cages. In spite of all my animal cages with coyotes and fox , raccoons, and lynx in them, often in the fall we will see up to fifty turkeys roosting way high up in the tallest trees right behind the barn and cages. Last evening I was feeding my critters a bit late, about dusk. I heard the cluck of a turkey coming from nearby. I looked around and found the cluck was coming from a hen turkey in a tree about twentyfive feet away and on a branch about twenty or so feet up. She looked a bit strange as her wings were spread way out along the branch. It was then that I saw that her wings were spread so as to cover her chicks sitting on the branch with her. Now I know most birds will protect their young by covering their young with their wings while in a nest in a tree or on the ground, but this was the first time I saw a mother sitting on a branch with her wings stretched way out in order to cover her chicks sitting on the branch with her. It was neat to see and something a person isn't apt to see very often. So I just wanted to pass on my pleasure of seeing such a sight.
All of you have a safe and fun 4th of July!

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This response submitted by Ken Wampner on 7/4/06 at 10:51 AM. ( kewampner@wmconnect.com )

I bet you didn't have a camera with you either did you? How much are your classes?



This response submitted by causal observer on 7/4/06 at 11:29 AM. ( )

How did the chicks get upon the limb?

flying chicks

This response submitted by Roy on 7/4/06 at 6:13 PM. ( )

Turkey chicks can fly enough to get up on a branch when they are still real young!

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