can I make a suggestion about titles to your inquires?

Submitted by Bill Yox on 7/5/06 at 11:41 PM. ( )

All of you who posts threads titled "Help" or "need a suggestion" or "does anyone know" etc, try this...Put the TOPIC in your title. That way guys who skim like I do, will at least know what you want. Im sure youll get many more hits to your questions if you mention the topic in the titles. Its just a suggestion, and I hope it helps you out. It will also help the archiving as well...

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Cecil, how could you be so infantile?

This response submitted by George on 7/6/06 at 10:28 AM. ( )

Many of us saw your three separate postings labeled, "help", "need a suggestion", or "does anyone know" before Ken had to waste his time in erasing your juvenile graffito. For someone who takes umbrage when question on their IQ as you do, you sure have a strange sense of importance.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 7/6/06 at 12:49 PM. ( )

I saw those posts, too. Was really that him? Hes nearly a genius, ya know. Lol. Oh well, what would we do without him? I just see so many posts that probably dont get the merit they deserve, because the title is either vague or non-descript. Just a suggestion, and yep, we have already done this before, too!

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