How's Fred V?

Submitted by Michelle B on 7/6/06 at 6:08 AM. ( )

Has anyone heard how Fred Vanderburg is doing? Hope well! Prayers are still going out for him.

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Fine last time we talked

This response submitted by Kim Owens on 7/6/06 at 9:57 AM. ( )

I haven't heard from him since last week, but I think he is doing great. The doctor said the blow would have killed most people but if you know Fred- he is so hard headed! The main reason he is not going to be able to attend the show is because of the flying issue and the pressure it causes to the brain. He said the doctors believe he is on the healing side but that it would take a month or more for it to heal up. He doesn't frequent these forums much so I will tell him you inquired.

Thanks !

This response submitted by Michelle B on 7/7/06 at 5:56 AM. ( )

Thanks Kim, glad to hear it!

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