Poll, your info needed.

Submitted by jrosbor on 7/6/06 at 2:42 PM. ( huntersdream3x@hotmail.com )

If you could please help me out with the following poll.

If you send me an email titled "Poll) I will forward you a few whitetail deer reference pictures. Thanks!

1. What would you expect to pay to have a deer cape dry or wet tanned?
2. What would be a "good) turn around time for a tanned cape?
3. Would you choose a tannery that offers to repair shaving holes at no charge?
4. How far are you willing to ship a cape for a high quality tan?
5. Would you consider a tannery that would send you hide samples of there tan at no charge?

Thanks for your time!


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I'll answer here

This response submitted by Drew M. on 7/7/06 at 8:54 PM. ( )

1. $30-40.
2. 60-90 days.
3. No, I want a tannery that doesn't put holes in my capes.
4. Anywhere in the lower 48.
5. No need, you only get a good feel for them after rehydrating. Then you can guage the stretch and their shaving expertise on delicate areas like the face.

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