Dip first and then ship state to state? Your thoughts?

Submitted by Not Important on 7/9/06 at 12:25 PM. ( )

All of tthis started with the CWD threat and BSE specie jump conference. So, I got to looking and LISTENING. I HAVE been snooping around the USFWS lately and talking to a few of our customers (Senator & Congressman) about further restrictions and any foreseeable problems for hunters and taxidermist.

I found out that there REALLY IS a possibility that in the very near future, WE, as taxidermists and hunters might very well have to dip all of our capes, skins and hides BEFORE shipping interstate, or traveling and crossing any state border.

I further understand that soon, tthis requirement will be mandated for anything and everything comming from Canada and Mexico regardless of the specie! It makes no difference if there is a disease threat or not.

What are your thoughts about this? How will it affect you and your business?

Thanks for your imput and comments...

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This response submitted by George on 7/9/06 at 1:09 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Some of us have been saying this for a couple of years now and still, no one pays attention. I keep asking those politicos who are "exploring" such possibilities as to exactly WHAT are we going to "dip" them in. Nothing kills the CWD prions that won't destroy the cape, so what do they propose that we do. The REAL agenda is to stop sport hunting totally. Their first suggestion was to restrict "imports" from other states. Now the discussion has swung towards "disposal of carcasses". That one should shake many of you to the core. This "disposal" would likely create a set of records keeping on the taxidermists part where the carcasses would have to be documented, taken to an "APPROVED" facility and then signed off. My discussions have been towards designating specific landfill areas, lining the ground to prevent leeching into ground water, and then covering with a layer of hydrated lime and then dirt. (Guess what that's going to cost you?) This will further fall into line with proposals for disposal of domestic fowl found to be infected with the avian flu virus.

With all the trash talk about the NTA and what it does or what it SHOULD do, how many of you who are suddenly concerned have intentions of joining? Do you really think your conversation with your local politician is going to carry any weight with all the cash the animal rights people are dumping on this? Conservation Force and SCI have already plainly stated that if WE don't show some concern, they aren't going to throw money at OUR problems. (Both CF and SCI are sponsors of the NTA before someone gets even more stupid.) Words are nice, but cash speaks louder in today's political climate. Which one of those three organizations aren't you a member of yet?

SO, give good money to chase bad money?

This response submitted by Not Important on 7/9/06 at 3:06 PM. ( )

What a nice post George. You should be concerned. There are some bad and I mean BAD regulations headed our way.

I just can't see giving good money to the nefarious NTA. It is just the same as flushing GOOD MONEY down the toilet. The recent events documented on this forum and several others, is evidence enough.

And considering how you really feel about taxidermy as a profession and taxidermists in general, you should be the last person to act like you really support the overall profession of taxidermy. All a person has to do is read your posts detailing how you think most taxidermists are too dumb to be a profitable business and I might add, you have chastised most of us for stupid, unimportant things.
But that is just the way you are. Anything for a little limelight.

Perhaps we WILL encourage these regulations.

This response submitted by Not Important on 7/9/06 at 3:20 PM. ( )

Maybe we DO NEED more regulations to add costs and push people out of business. Only the strong shall survive? LOL I'm just passing on information. But maybe, we should push all of these restrictions through and let the chips fall where they may.

"Nefarious" huh?

This response submitted by George on 7/9/06 at 3:53 PM. ( )

Not that I think you're smart enough to understand the real definition of the word, but how can someone who's never been a member of an organization that's been around since before you started pirating work be labeled as "evil" without castigating your attitude of blowing roses up peoples arses? If the truth offends you, avoid it. I understand taxidermists because I am one. I understand their way of thinking because I was there once. Unlike SOME, I never called in game wardens on guys down the road, but I knew they were crooks. I've never hidden from the truth no matter how distasteful it might be unlike "Not Important" seems to.

And Kim, just so you know, the NTA is made of of HUMANS, not androids, and humans tend to squabble among themselves on occasions like any family. That being said, that's no license on somebody like you sitting in the peanut gallery to pick sides. Now up to this point, I've been nice to you considering what I'm capable of. I haven't addressed the quality of your work or the ethics you've demonstrated towards the industry or the people doing business in your area. YOU, on the other hand have slandered me personally on numberous occasions and you're constantly trying to make people think you're capable of differentiating between an anal orifice and a perforation in the earth. My character and reputation is always out there for anyone to look at and unlike you, I'm not afraid to have it exposed. I don't "copyright" everything I say either, so be very very careful how you talk about someone wanting a "limelight". You just wasted two separate postings ranting your slanderous venom towards me without saying a single thing about the subject issue.

You failed to address the immediate question again, however. (Come to think of it, you didn't answer ANY of the questions I posed, did you?) Since we now know your feelings about the NTA, can we assume that you're a life member of SCI or a member of Conservation Force? If not, please tell us what other conservation group you're "giving good money to" that will adequately represent the concerns of TAXIDERMISTS? Those people who think you have a clue about any issue surely would like to led in a direction you recommend to them.

"There you go again George"

This response submitted by Cecil on 7/9/06 at 4:52 PM. ( )


George, you really have some problems.

This response submitted by Not Important on 7/9/06 at 7:00 PM. ( )

You always bring everything back to you and try to make other people guilty for your short commings. I suggest you seek some help as you have hurt enough people with your lunitic ravings of how great you are.

Nobody wants to argue with you. Very few really like you. All they do is use you.

BTW, hope you find this kim chick you keep crying about. What a way for an old man like you to display your feelings.

I forgot something George

This response submitted by Not Important on 7/9/06 at 7:06 PM. ( )

The reason WHY I don't answer your questions are because your questions are NOT WORTH answering. You lead people into arguments and fighting. You deal yourself your OWN problems.

Not Important

You forgot more than that Kim

This response submitted by George on 7/9/06 at 7:40 PM. ( )

Even the Mighty Oz would be put to the task to find you a brain. You're a very VERY sick individual that should have constant supervision around computers. All anyone doubting that has to do is look up your TCP/IP number in the archives. Whichever name you're using that day won't matter.

Now explain to the guy in the white suit why all these multiple personalities. Must have been a traumatic childhood.

BTW KIM, as I've told you many times before, I don't light the fire. I'm just the only one here who's not scared to lable you as mentally unstable.

George, you fail to realize ...

This response submitted by Not Important on 7/9/06 at 7:54 PM. ( )

...that, the TCP/IP number is shared. Call me any name you want. You waste so much time trying to fight and cause problems. Your constant jealous behavior over this kim person is funny! You can go fight with someone else. I won't bite. No matter how little of a "man" you are.

what I dont get is...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 7/10/06 at 1:16 AM. ( )

How does this guy think we are so stupid, in so many levels? First, why Kim wants to post this way, and then deny it, and further, ridicule George for knowing its him, is beyond me. Ok, Ill buy the shared TCP/IP numbers, even though, of course, this isnt the case. But, any idiot, me and George included, could recognize the obvious pattern and style of good ole Kim. Doubt me? Try the following..."and talking to a few of our customers (Senator & Congressman) about further restrictions" -boy if thats not typical Kim boasting between the lines, I dont know what is. Plus, we just saw a few other typical Kim posts tonight, where he signes as "*" and then writes in the author of his copy/paste. Add to that the many paragraphs that his posts are always set to, as opposed to a continuous line post such as mine, and its easy to see. How about the sentence "Your constant jealous behavior over this kim person is funny!" His arrogance to think hes got us fooled is unmistakable.

All that bullsh*t aside, why, Kim, do you post this, then take exception to George when he replies, AND agrees with what your topic is saying? What then ARE you saying? Should every taxidermist contact their own cutomers, senator and congressman, of course (I still like that one) and see if theyll help, or the obvious, support a group like NTA, SCI, farm bureau or at least your state level, to fight and be heard as one large voice. Just because you happen to be anti-government, etc, dont attack these opinions, it was you who asked "What are your thoughts about this? How will it affect you and your business?"

I know youll come back with the sophomoric reply of me sticking up for George, or going after you again, but geez, you bring this stuff onto yourself, really.

Hey Guys,

This response submitted by EJ on 7/10/06 at 2:16 PM. ( ed@backcreektaxidermy.com )

I knew it was Kim before I finished the 1st sentance in the 1st post. Like you said Bill "NO-Brainer"

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