Interesting Taxidermy Web Site from Scotland

Submitted by joeym on 7/10/06 at 9:48 PM. ( )

This site provides a look at taxidermy from a European prospective. Very interesting...check it out at

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Very Interesting Indeed

This response submitted by Old Fart on 7/10/06 at 10:28 PM. ( )

I'm glad to see that he's able to charge what his work is worth. Especially when he describes some of his methods, they are more time consuming than some of the methods available to us here in the states. He does some nice work and gets to work on some different things, not available to U.S. taxidermists. Thanks Joey for the link.

Whew. Must be the price of gas over there.

This response submitted by George on 7/10/06 at 10:58 PM. ( )

Definitely something to think about. Considering the British pound sterling is worth $1.84 US, this is really a calling card for US taxidermist. In Scotland, hunting is for the elite class of individuals and paying the equivalent of $910 for a deer shoulder mount is probably whats expected. Fish are $39 an inch while a pheasant will run you $414. I particularly liked the mouse costing $212. Bet that discourages a lot of bothersome work. LOL. He must feel about mice like I do about squirrels. And I couldn't help but notice the small garage apartment he lives in.


I didn't see a link too...

This response submitted by Lou on 7/11/06 at 1:12 AM. ( ) on his site?

you are far better off in the states

This response submitted by phil lloyd on 7/12/06 at 7:40 AM. ( )

I am writing from the west coast of scotland - its true that the current exchange rate makes hunting here expensive, but you can shoot red deer stags for as little as $100 per head - mounting costs average around $800, but a taxidermist here would probably dip and ship a skin back to the US for you for around $150 plus shipping. ou can also shoot roe and fallow deer and even wild goat for less that that. Obviously top grade trophy heads cost more. A stalker (hunting guide) will charge you around $180 per day, accommodation can be as little as $70 per day. But our cost of living is easily double that in the states (petrol (gas) is around $9 per gallon) and a tiny house with no land will set you back at least $250,000 . Average earnings for the man in the street are around $35,000 per year with a minimum tax rate of 25% PLUS 10% INSURANCE. There are only around 200 full and part time taxidermists in the uk - a few like me are very lucking in having good hunting clients and do lots of trophy work, but most survive by mounting road-kill specimens (which is 100% legal here in the uk as there are very few bird species which can be legally shot) . Also, taxidermy has very little public approval here compared with the US - if you opened a retail taxidermy store here in any town it would be burnt down within no more than 4 weeks by animal rights terrorists.
Stay where you are - you might have your problems but you get to mount far more exciting stuff than us and most of you seem to enjoy a far higher standard of living - maybe one day i will have enough cash to become an immigrant and move there myself!


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i forgot to mention that George Jamieson (whose website started this thread) is one of (IMHO) the best taxidermists currently working in the UK and his prices realistically reflect this.


This response submitted by Steve Rotramel on 7/12/06 at 8:18 AM. ( )

Makes me feel rich like the Rockefellers.

Mr Lloyd, you guys must shake your heads and roll your eyes when you see us whining about not being able to make a good enough living and paying $3 a gallon.

Thanks for the post.

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