Need info on M. D. Nicholson, Taxidermist

Submitted by Sherry on 7/11/06 at 9:28 PM. ( )

I have recently discovered a very old looking taxidermy display containing a small blue bird and one small yellow bird in what appears to be a seashore scene. It has a carved wooden base about the size of a large dinner plate and a 15" tall oval glass dome that has come loose because the adhesive has dryed out. On the underside is a partial label that reads: "M. D. Nicholson, Taxidermist" then "artificial eyes" and something about "birds".
I cannot find any info about this person, his work, or the time frame in which this display art was createdby using a Web search so I was wondering if anyone visiting this forum might have some knowledge of Mr. Nicholson or a possible source I might turn to for more info.
Thanks in advance for any help,

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This response submitted by Alex on 7/11/06 at 11:23 PM. ( )

Heard of Him

Where did you acquire this?

This response submitted by KW on 7/12/06 at 10:52 AM. ( )

The city or state might narrow things down some.

Where I found the Bird Globe Taxidermy

This response submitted by Sherry on 7/12/06 at 10:10 PM. ( )

In response to a question from KW - I found the globe with the Birds and Seascape in the attic of an old office building that was being sold and scheduled for remodeling located in Vermont. Judging by the style and presentation, I would guess that it was probably assembled sometime during the Victorian era with considerable skill. However, it appears that M. D. Nicholson was not well known amoung taxidermist as no one has come forward with any helpful info on him, where he was from, or whether there are any other works out there.

Sherry you don't have to go very far back

This response submitted by Cecil on 7/12/06 at 11:18 PM. ( )

for taxidermist to not know of of each other. Many taxidermist were isolated from one another, fewer of them, and many were secretive. And of course communication was not what it is now.

However if anyone should know anything it's someone that comes on here and calls himself the taxidermologist. Maybe he's busy right now.

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