Summer EQUALS Slow Pick Ups.

Submitted by bw on 7/12/06 at 9:48 AM. ( )

I doubt that Im alone on this one. But I thought I would ask... Am I the only one who notices that when summer rolls around and you are still cranking works out, that no one seems to rush right over and pick it up?

I wish I could arrange it so that the customers who take a month or so to pick things up could somehow have THEIR paychecks held for a month or so before they get them.

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On your contract

This response submitted by * on 7/12/06 at 10:06 AM. ( )

Get a credit card and number, state when mount is done you will call and let them know and you charge the card accordingly. Then they can then pick it up anytime they wish.

Tell me about it!

This response submitted by Ken R. Walker on 7/12/06 at 3:00 PM. ( 780 924-3200 )

A week away from the nationals and nothing out.Don`t look good.

Awful slow

This response submitted by jim Burnside on 7/12/06 at 7:31 PM. ( )

It is the same way here ! Summers are usually slow , but this year has really been worse , why I don't know ?

Start charging storage fees

This response submitted by Jim on 7/12/06 at 9:04 PM. ( )

After 15 days we start charging.

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