Another reason why shipping charges are so high...

Submitted by Kenny on 7/12/06 at 9:54 AM. ( )

We all know shipping charges are really high. It can effect our bottom line so they need to be looked at closely and I never am afraid to call a company and question a charge. But what just happened to me with a shortage on an order popped a red flag that I feel others should know about. I was missing a product in my order that had a retail cost of $45.00. I called the company I had ordered it from and they where real nice and polite and said they would send a replacement right out. Now I needed this stuff like yesterday but I figured hey...who's to blame I will wait it out.But then I got to thinking who pays for this?The person I just talked to never asked if there was "damage to the box or if it was retaped etc". So I called back and asked if this item that I did not recieve was being turned in to United Parcel Service for a claim and the nice lady said why yes it was! I then asked why. And she said since UPS lost it. Does anyone else see a problem here? I am like hello-----is anyone home?
This nice lady had it drilled in her head that if an item is missing then her job is to send in a claim. The supplier, they by chance could never make a mistake...nope in fact this supplier would not even consider that an option. Thats sad in my eyes...close to even fraudulent.sorry but I know I should just be happy that they are sending me a new one,but come on the end some of this large shipping fee is this kinda crap.Just thought I should pass this info along.

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Uh, Kenny, maybe I'm reading this wrong

This response submitted by George on 7/12/06 at 10:15 AM. ( )

If the lady filed a claim with UPS, then it stands to reason that she had a tracking number issued by UPS to file the claim against. Once that item leaves their control, why SHOULDN'T she assume that the fault lies squarely with the shipper? If I were running a supply company and the situation happened to me, I'd make damned sure my customer service people had that drilled into their heads as well. When you ship UPS, they don't include that minimum "insurance" fee free. YOU pay for it. If the supplier doesn't file a claim, UPS gets off the hook and pockets that "insurance fee" on top of the shipping.

So unless you know something you didn't write, I'd ask you, "Hello,is anyone home?"

Sorry Kenny

This response submitted by George on 7/12/06 at 10:39 AM. ( )

AFter RE reading your post a third time, the light went on in my house. I see that an ITEM was missing from the entire shipment and not the shipment itself. You made a good point and I apologize for reading with a gasoline ass.


This response submitted by JBest on 7/12/06 at 10:43 AM. ( )

The Captain strikes again.

Get Organized!

This response submitted by KW on 7/12/06 at 10:45 AM. ( )

I understand frustrations with shippers, but it is funny how some taxidermists order everything at the last minute and then go off of the deep end when there is a delay.

J Best, are you related to Cecil or to Kim

This response submitted by George on 7/12/06 at 11:39 AM. ( )

Which one of them is your sister? When I make a mistake, I don't cower and bluster like you and your family. I'd sooner be a "blowhole" than the one you three occupy.

George, a suggestion

This response submitted by Bill @ Hog Heaven on 7/12/06 at 11:39 AM. ( )

Read everything 3 times.


This response submitted by Whitey Fisk on 7/12/06 at 11:41 AM. ( )

I know this has nothing to do with the posts above but UPS beats the hell out of my packages. My boxes are always beat to hell, I ordered three forms the other day and when they got here they were broken (not cut they were broken) into 8 pieces. The box looked like it had been used for a punching bag. Every package I have gotten this year has looked like this. I dont know what happened it didnt used to be like that.


This response submitted by J Best on 7/12/06 at 12:43 PM. ( )

A person who makes many mistakes becomes better at trying to justify himself. I believe that makes you a pro.

Give it a rest, Best

This response submitted by George on 7/12/06 at 1:08 PM. ( )

You're starting to sound like Kim now. You're a taxidermist, not a psychologist and probably just as talented in both fields.

Bill, you're probably right, but like Whitey said and Kenny IMPLIED (look that up Best), the box was torn, un-taped or unstapled. Some of my shipments come in, held together by that wide cellophane tape UPS uses. If there's something missing, I ASSUME that it fell through the holes in the box, and I, too, would blame UPS. Trying to get them to PAY a claim is a nightmare. I've yet to see them do it for anyone who's not a large business. Big businesses get a great discount from UPS that other services don't offer. I've yet to have a supplier charge me freight for a reshipment, though I'm sure I pay clandestinely.

Sounds fishy.

This response submitted by Steve on 7/12/06 at 1:23 PM. ( )

My guess is that your shipper left the item out and is still covering her butt by telling you "UPS lost it, of course we're filing a claim."

I know that UPS routinely denies claims, often even before you are aware that the box was lost or damaged. This is when they KNOW that they were responsible for the loss or damage.

The conversation goes like this:

"Sir, the reason your package was damaged is that you had insufficient packing material..."

My response:

"The reason it got damaged is that your employees throw them so far. Since I've shipped several thousand identical boxes..."

Their response:

"Okay, we're going to approve your claim..."

My response:

"I haven't filed a claim and I don't know what box you're talking about..." Etc. etc.

Everything changes when the dollar amount gets up there a little, and I've been visited twice by reps to verify claims that got over a couple hundred dollars.

I doubt UPS will even entertain a claim that doesn't include proof of a damaged or lost box verified by the delivery driver. If your supplier is foolish enough to try to defraud UPS out of a few dollars, they'll be switching to Fed Ex soon because UPS won't allow too many visits to that well.

Captain B Hole

This response submitted by J Best on 7/12/06 at 1:45 PM. ( )

It's hilarious exposing your lack of character and then watching you try to defend it.

Maybe in the future you could only respond to things in which you have worthwhile comments to make. If you would ONLY do that, we would finally see your arrogant self disappear from the forum.

My character has never been questioned

This response submitted by George on 7/12/06 at 2:18 PM. ( )

Your mentality has. If you'd like to carry this any farther, just leave your email address as I have and we'll see whose "character" is questionable.

thanks for rereading George..

This response submitted by Kenny on 7/12/06 at 2:44 PM. ( )

The message I was trying to get across was that the supplier did not inquire about the condition of the was it opened,retaped,damaged etc... they just assumed that the item fell out of the box and UPS lost it. When I question them about it they said thats how they handle shortages!Guess what that should be how they handle DAMAGES! This box was not was taped shut and closed. There were other items that where smaller then this item floating around inside the box and they arrived safely. All I am saying here is the procedure of passing this on to UPS all the time is wrong and in the end we are paying for it.

You should address this with both the supplier and UPS...

This response submitted by Craig on 7/13/06 at 10:07 AM. ( )

in a formal letter to each and let them know your concerns. If nothing else it might make you feel better.

I had a package from FedX supposedly delivered to my home that is missing. It was over a hundred dollar item. I was home all that day and FedX never came here. According to their tracking number it was confirmed delivered to my residence on that day by being placed on my front porch. I was home, they never came here. So now the big problem arises of how to take care of this and who accepts the responsibility of the undelivered package. I've yet to hear back from the merchant or FedX. Time to get back on the phone. The item was insured through Circuit City and I'm sure they will make a claim for lost merchandise. I'm sure issues like this raise those prices also.

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