Why does it take so long to get my trophy back.

Submitted by Basshunter on 7/12/06 at 1:17 PM. ( )

Why does it take so long to get a mount back from a taxidermist. Some are quick, but I do not like the finish. Another takes forever. But the finished mount looks great. Why can't the same results come with quicker returns. Thanks.

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You answered your own question

This response submitted by ? on 7/12/06 at 1:28 PM. ( )

The taxidermist that does poor work can start on your mount faster because he has very little to do or nothing when you bring in a specimen to him but the taxidermist that does good quality work already has many mount that have come in before yours to do first before he can get to yours. Taxidermist who do good quality work at a fair price do tend to stay busy.

some will say

This response submitted by * on 7/12/06 at 1:35 PM. ( )

Quality takes time , and it does don't get me wrong and don't bash me but that is not what is causing your delay, Most taxidermists take in far to much work than they can do in resonable time. Thus your fast guy cranks it out to get out from underneath his workload, looks bad and probably pretty cheap. Your slow good guy should raise his prices lower his work load and thus shorten his backlog.

Mr. Basshunter

This response submitted by Mr.T on 7/12/06 at 1:38 PM. ( )

Lets say you started a lawn service and were taking new customers in the month of April only, you have one maybe two mowers, and you get flooded with 100 plus people that want their lawns mowed today, if not by this week end. Do you mow one lawn at a time, or ride the mower full speed and skip over some weeds just to get to the next yard? Do you hire the kid down the street to help you mow, but he can only help you when he is not playing ball or at his other job at the IGA store. Your customers are waiting for their lawns to be cut, but the workload is so high that they have to wait, because you can only do so much. Now you see how we feel. You can get it good, you can get it fast, but you cant get it good and fast. That is just the way it is with anything. Higher quality takes time to do the extra things that make it right. The shorter road is not always the best road to take.

I'm with ya...

This response submitted by LEE on 7/12/06 at 2:02 PM. ( )

I like your way of thinkin'

I am a firm beleiver..

This response submitted by Franky on 7/12/06 at 2:55 PM. ( )

That completion time can be shorten with out a loss of quailty if the taxidermist really sits down and changes his procedures. Hear me out now... lets say guy is taken a year to get a deerhead back to a customer. Chances are if that guy would sit down and rethink the way his day to day work is done there is a good chance that wait time could be cut by 3 months maybe more. 1st the guy has to realize he is not god and that he can only turn out so much work with out hurting the quality. 2nd he will have to be determined that he wants to cut his wait time down. 3rd he will have to work "smarter".

You all forget

This response submitted by Cowboy on 7/12/06 at 3:12 PM. ( )

The hidden equation, "The Tannery" mine took 8 months to get this years capes, so I either decide to become a tanner and quit taxidermy or vise versa and the customers just has to wait.

I will not tanned 400+ animals and have time for fish and birds, unless I have 8 people working for me, then customers should pay $800 per shoulder mount.
So Mr. Basshunter quit your whinning and take it as it is, it takes time to do quality work, and your not the only hunter out there.

I couldnt blame anyone but myself...sorta

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 7/12/06 at 3:54 PM. ( )

The tannery doesnt hold me up. Poor paying customers dont either. Its me. When I was getting a modest amount of work in, I had no real work ethic. As I got better, more work came. Then so much so that I adjusted the prices as high as I could without losing ALL of the customers. Failures in getting good dependable help coupled with the sudden awareness that I needed a better work ethic kinda offset each other. So, now here I sit, too much work, and not enough time to do it. So, I work hard for a lot of hours and think back on all the time I squandered, still thankful I have work to do. So Ill warn guys in here to not make these mistakes, and what do you suppose the end result will be? Someone will tell me to hire help (no kidding, I wish it were that easy) raise my prices (see above) stop taking work (try telling someone no, that works...not) or the best one? After posting something like this, to help one of you, Ill be told you spend too much time in these forums! All ten minutes worth!

Look, it was a long time digging this deep of a hole, its going to take some time to dig back out. So, to the guy asking, some of us just werent good businessmen, even though we offer a good product. All I can add is, I now tell guys up front how long it might take. Hope this helps.

Just how long

This response submitted by Becky P on 7/12/06 at 4:43 PM. ( )

IS too long, in your opinion? My turn around time is normally 6-8 months, but I've had customers that think it should only take a couple of weeks. It doesn't work that way. You didn't say how long it actually took to get your mount back. If it was a year or less, I'd say that should be acceptable and reasonable. BP

in this day and age

This response submitted by Bill on 7/12/06 at 7:05 PM. ( )

In the world today you have Walmarts and fast food.Express service everybody wants what they want and they want it NOW! I feel taxidermy is an art and a person takes some pride in doing quaility work, but that quality does take time. nothing good comes from a rushed job. And with taxidermy there are all kinds of factors, tanneries, drop-in customers , phone calls, suppliers , shipping companies and the taxidermist that does take his time to make sure your trophy is done right and not a mount that you pay good money for that looks bad. Looking for fast and cheap try doing it your self other wise be patient and spend the money for a trophy mount you can be proud to hang on your wall.
just my two cents

Bill Yox

This response submitted by Ron on 7/12/06 at 9:53 PM. ( )

You are probably the most realistic person on here. I can tell you have lived it, and done it, and know that real life isn't as easy as "raise your prices"". Hell, the more I raise my prices the more I get. Anyway, I'd like to meet you someday, I think we could get along.

Set-up question

This response submitted by oldshaver on 7/12/06 at 10:11 PM. ( )

This is a over-spill from another forum. Its so transparent, it REEKS!

thank you Ron

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 7/12/06 at 11:43 PM. ( )

I mean that, too. I read how I have this inflated ego here in the forums from time to time, but thats not so. So when I caution folks to not screw up like I have, that IS the truth. As for what oldshaver is saying, yes, this post is just a spin off of the tannery post earlier, even if this author truly wasnt headed that way. For what its worth, Carolina Furdressing has been maligned like that for years, yet still puts out the product they do. There are truly only a few excellent tanneries, when one measures product, service and integrity, and CFD is one of those few.

Work ethic can be a part...however

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 7/13/06 at 12:57 AM. ( )

At one time I fell into the same pit as Bill Yox. Hating to answer the phone...working lonng hours. Then I finally got out. I had all my work turned around in 6months or less for mammals and 90 days or so on fish. Then my father became seriously ill and I needed to help him out.

Again I am back to a year turn around. I am slowly getting out of the pit again but it takes time. Sorry to vent.

On topic I believe that good work can be done in a reasonable time frame...BUT that time frame may not be fast enough for everyone.

I could 100 deer done in my one man shop by March/April...until my recent setback. That leaves alot of time for the rest of my stuff.

Good things come to those who wait

This response submitted by Hogger on 7/13/06 at 4:46 AM. ( )

Old cliche, but fitting.

If the answer was easy...

This response submitted by KW on 7/13/06 at 2:16 PM. ( )

there would not be so much input here. I have been catching up but sometimes have to explain it to the customer. When I take in 200 gameheads in the fall, the customer that shows up late is going to have to wait. I joke with the deer customers that they need to be a better hunter and get their deer early if they want a 6 month turn-around time. The opposite holds true in the spring and early summer. Work coming in at that time usually is done anywhere from 2-6 months. Most of my customers seem to be educated in these matters and I don't have to explain it that much.

You rock!

This response submitted by Rebster on 7/19/06 at 2:18 AM. ( )

Just stay cool everytime you work!Ciao!

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