Submitted by Michael on 7/13/06 at 5:52 PM. ( )

How many of you are taxidermist that are doing work for costomers and your under 30. reason i ask is i had a guy email me that i look to young to be doing good taxidermy work just wanted to know.

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What a dumb***!

This response submitted by Cecil on 7/13/06 at 6:23 PM. ( )

Age has nothing to do with it. LMAO


This response submitted by George on 7/13/06 at 10:09 PM. ( )

We still need to talk about your punctuation and capitalization skills. You don't seem to have any and it's VERY difficult to read your posts.

As far as "age", Amy Ritchie was a North American Champion at the NTA at the ripe old age of 17.


This response submitted by ALEX ,SR on 7/13/06 at 10:21 PM. ( )

If he is Looking for an old taxidermist, send him to me or George, LOL.

Don't let it get you down , I started working for the public when I was 16 ,I never had any complaints, the guy is just a "Jerk".


This response submitted by Dan Gill on 7/14/06 at 12:08 PM. ( )

Include a picture of George with your work. you will get all you can handle. maybe even a few date proposals. LOL
Dan Gill

I have had that

This response submitted by trappersteph on 7/14/06 at 6:33 PM. ( )

I had someone ask me if I was the taxidermist because I looked too young. All silly, look at Amy and the quality she does. She's what, 18 now?

Then I see work by some guys in their late 60's and up and the work plain stinks in quality. Using old timey methods like filling in nostrils and using all black to paint with LOL. Its not the age, its the experience and openess to learn new methods, and to strive for an animal that is so lifelike its almost breathing.

age and taxidermy

This response submitted by Nina Lukaszewicz on 7/14/06 at 9:25 PM. ( )

I'll be opening my shop for customers this fall, and I'm only 15. Age has nothing to do with the quality of work people put out, just look at Amy.

age and taxidermy

This response submitted by linny on 7/16/06 at 3:11 AM. ( )

Just my opinion, but, the jerks who would question your age/experience are probably "tire kickers" or setting you up to discount your price. If they want a 20 dollar job tell them to find a 20 dollar taxidermist. If they want a 90 year old taxidermist...well, you get the drift. The art and labor of taxidermists has always been undervalued. Age is not an indication of skill. Kick them to the curb!

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