Update on Fred Vanderburgh

Submitted by Fred Vanderburgh on 7/15/06 at 10:19 AM. ( )

Good news from the neurosurgeon, the CAT scan shows the subdural brain hematoma has shrunk in size and he was very optimistic I'm on the mend. This accident happened on May 6th and I finally went to the doctor on June 28th,not too smart, but was too busy. They won't let me fly so I won't be at the NTA. Denise and I will miss all of you there but we will be there in spirit. Thanks to all for your concern but I'm doing fine retired ,building an addition on the house ,farming,and of course do my life passion taxidermy.Again miss you all in Billings.

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Good News

This response submitted by KBauman on 7/15/06 at 12:31 PM. ( )

I am very glad to hear you are doing better.

That's great news, Fred

This response submitted by George on 7/15/06 at 12:51 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

I have your raincheck for Louisville anyway. LOL

Glad to hear it Fred,

This response submitted by John Wilkie on 7/17/06 at 1:07 PM. ( )

just do as the Dr. says so you can enjoy being "retired". Take Care

Great News!

This response submitted by Fred Barilla on 7/17/06 at 4:22 PM. ( deerbear13@optonline.net )

Great news Fred! Take it easy until you are 100%


Good To Hear!

This response submitted by Andy on 7/18/06 at 3:49 PM. ( greenacres@tcenet.net )

Glad to hear things will turn out alright!

Stay cool!


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