Submitted by Jason the NuttyHost guy! on 7/17/06 at 8:25 PM. ( )

Hi y'all! Just wanted to let you know that my wife Chanda gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy this morning at 8:34 am 7/17. He is 19.5" and 7 lbs 13 oz. We named him Kyler Reed Keehr and some pics are here...

He's cute as heck and will make a great hunter one day.

Thanks to all who have sent gifts and wished us well.


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This response submitted by Cecil on 7/17/06 at 8:36 PM. ( )

you do realize with that name he will get a lot of "Could you repeat that and spell it for me?" whenever he registers somewhere? LOL


This response submitted by EJ on 7/17/06 at 9:15 PM. ( )

Life has forever changed. You have good looking family Jason.


This response submitted by Rick Krane on 7/17/06 at 9:28 PM. ( )

WOW! It is Gods Blessing when you can feel the joy of having one more person in the world who will unconditonaly love you! Congratulations Jason,Chanda,and lil Kyler Reed Keehr!

God Bless!

Rick Krane
Anglers Artistry


This response submitted by Jason at NuttyHost on 7/17/06 at 9:31 PM. ( )

It is unbelieveable that we can create these things...You can tell this is our first one Huh?

web site prices just went up

This response submitted by Mr.T on 7/17/06 at 9:44 PM. ( )

To pay for future college for jr. Soon Jason will hear those words all to familure to Dads, Dad, can I have five dollars?
Enjoy the day Jason, it's all up hill from here. Paul


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 7/17/06 at 10:21 PM. ( )

Maybe by the time hes old enough to design web sites, Ill finally pony up at get mine started!

Well, I want to raise it, but...

This response submitted by Jason At NuttyHost on 7/17/06 at 10:21 PM. ( )

I decided to keep it at $200 the first year, then $175 per year thereafter for a quality site that will get you business guaranteed.

It still is an awesome no lose deal. If you haven't had a site made by me yet, you should, you don't know what you are missing out on.

click on NuttyHost

(even in my moment of bliss, I must advertise... HA! LOL!)

Reminds me of "Raising Arizona"

This response submitted by Steve on 7/17/06 at 10:27 PM. ( )

...and if you need a new dining room suite, call Nathan Arizona...

Dude, my policy: go right to work on the next one!

Way to go Jason. Blessings and everything good for you and your family.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

This response submitted by Jason at NuttyHost on 7/17/06 at 10:32 PM. ( )

I almost forgot that I need a 14 lb+ walleye "old school" mount restored. I got it from a neighbor who was moving and it is "stuffed" as good as it was back in the day I suppose. It was caught back in the late 50's and one of the pectoral fins is missing and a little bit of twine stuffing is visible on the inside. Does not need to be an award winning mount, Im just putting it up at my cabin.

I will get a pic for you, but it is basically brown colored and needs and entirely new paint job and some fin repair, maybe a new glass eye?

I will design and maintain a website for one year to anyone who will do it for me, or add a year to one of my clients I have already for the job. Heck, maybe someone will do it as a baby shower gift?

Call me in the next couple of days or leave a message on my voicemail at MilesCo Scientific

Jason NuttyHost guy

There ya go, Bill Yox!

This response submitted by Glen Conley on 7/17/06 at 10:57 PM. ( )

Paint that walleye for Pops and get a website.

I make a motion that Bill Yox take the deal. All in favor write "Aye".

Congrats Jason

This response submitted by Mark on 7/18/06 at 7:32 AM. ( )

I knew you would beat me to it. My momma looks like she could pop anyday. She better get a move on, bear hunting is right around the corner...Congrats again Mark

The fun begins.

This response submitted by Richard G. Santomauro on 7/18/06 at 8:55 AM. ( )

Again I wish you the best, and as its been said here the fun is just beginning, enjoy the new addition to your family.


This response submitted by Dawn on 7/18/06 at 9:46 AM. ( )

Congratulations Jason and Chanda! Welcome Kyler!

That is a really great name! This is only the beginning of the great life you have in front of you. My little guy is going to be 12 in November (His name is Hunter) and he has been a blessing to us each and every day (that was until puberty reared it's ugly head - lol)

Enjoy the first 10 - brace yourself for year 11 and I will keep you updated on the ones to come (smile)

Once again - Congratulations on the birth of your son! You will soon realize that our children are the reason we exist. Jason - you are only just beginning to live your childhood all over again :)

(I posted here just in case you didn't receive my email.)

Will the mighty Bill Yox step up to the plate ...

This response submitted by Jason at NuttyHost on 7/18/06 at 1:18 PM. ( )


I agree with Glenn, I think Bill should redo this walleye o' mine for a site. Heck I think I even bought his domain name for him a few years back knowing he should have one!

Bill, you know I would put extra love and attention into the site for ya.

Proud Papa and we are finally coming home today from the hospital. ALL IS WELL!

Jason, you know how I feel about your services...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 7/18/06 at 2:24 PM. ( )

Its just me getting good photography together. Youre too good at what you do, for me to get sub-par material together for it! Im with ya! By the way, you dont wanna see my walleye paint schedule, my stuff has hair or feathers, mostly hair (unlike me). When it comes to fish I know when to differ to the experts.

Ah, c'mon, Bill.

This response submitted by Glen on 7/18/06 at 3:28 PM. ( )

Photos can always be changed out at a later date. You can double dip that web site, cover taxidermy and your deer. Besides, you get a lot of extras with the deal. I'll put you on the World's Purdiest with all the other taxidermy greats, plus four other directories. I can even add you to Taxidermy Industry Anouncements, and a couple of other commercial links pages. If we be nice to Ken, he'll probably even give you a link here on

You've got nothing to lose but a couple of spray cans of Rust-Oleum.

Looks to me like the "AYES" have it.

P.S. Jasonn, tell Channdra I thinnk she is cute.

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