NTA Convention

Submitted by Danny Owens on 7/23/06 at 11:50 PM. ( )

It's been a long week and an even longer day- 800 miles and still not home- but I had to let everyone who was unable to attend the show that they missed a great show! The board did a fantastic job putting it all together and I think everyone had a good time. The mounts were the most impressive I have ever seen and I have been to many! I understand that the seminars were very well attended- hats off to George for putting that huge job together. Every supplier I talked to was happy about sales. 29 more mounts than Sioux Falls and I don't know how many attended the banquet but it rivaled a World Show banquet. Thanks to everyone that attended and a big thanks to the West- you were asked to support it and you did! I would not be surprised to find that this could be the new No. 1! Thanks to all who worked the registration table with Cindy, I know it's a thankless job and I am sure you are all still soaking your feet! Another Thank You goes to Carol for handling the computer and keeping everything so organized in the competition room, she is a real jewel! This show just shows what can be done when people work together. Thanks to all again.

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You're too generous Danny

This response submitted by George on 7/24/06 at 6:17 PM. ( )

I've apologized to two audiences at the show and now I'll apologize to those of you who may missed the membership meeting or the banquet. I left here on Monday with 48 scheduled seminars. When I made a plane change in Salt Lake City, Connie called to tell me that 6 of them had had to cancell. In between Salt Lake and Billings I lost 2 more and by the time I got to the contracting meeting on Tuesday morning, another 2 had cancelled. A few people were upset that I hadn't scheduled any big name or big game seminars. I assure you that wasn't my intent or my expectations. Many things happen to many people all the time and this one was an unfortunate culmination of a number of people who simply could not follow through. None of us can be sure what the morrow brings. Still, I apologize if any of you were not able to visit the single seminar you'd traveled to see based on our previous advertising. I hope you accept that and the promise that we'll strive to do better next year.

This isn't a love fest post, but Danny, Tony, Brenda, Carol, all of you guys in that competition area. I know you had a few glitches here and there, but THIS competition went as smoothly as any I've attended. Congratulations. Lets hope ALL of us can do even better next year in Louisville.

George Ya did good.

This response submitted by RJ Simington on 7/24/06 at 6:58 PM. ( animalartsnw@charter.net )

I know of not one person that would have been able to handle all the mix ups that there was at the last minute & handle them with the coolness & proffetionalism that you showed.

My hat is off to you & to the whole board for an outstading show.

Yes some of us went home with a little less air in our balloons & others balloons are a lot larger.

I learned so much from this show that I cant even begin tell you what was the best thing.

Thanks again NTA & all of the members for a great time.

I am one of those

This response submitted by GB (Gary Bruch) on 7/24/06 at 8:33 PM. ( )

My seminar was one that was cancelled. I sincerely appologize that I couldn't be there however I did not leave the NTA hanging. I had a helper who was completely prepared to uphold the seminar in full. It was this reason that I felt at ease with not being there. I was upset to hear it was cancelled anyway.

Not at all Gary

This response submitted by George on 7/24/06 at 9:19 PM. ( )

The seminar was NOT cancelled. It was rescheduled and Jeff gave it on Friday I think. Connie didn't have all the information and I apologize if you think my remarks were offensive. I put R.J. in a fix by scheduling his seminar over the NTA President's meeting, so he was forced to combine two seminars into one (which upset a few people who'd planned on visiting his last one and skipping his first one.) One person had a serious medical emergency and another had a surprise call and ordered to serve his military reserve unit. Many things happen as I said. I'm sorry Jeff Mourning never informed you that he'd filled in quite capably. I don't consider anyone who cancelled as having left us "hanging". If we couldn't adjust on the fly, then it is us who have failed.

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