TERF update from the NTA show!

Submitted by Evelyn Mills on 7/25/06 at 4:17 PM. ( taxidermyranch at aol.com )

For all, who are interested on how the TERF fundraiser went, which we conducted in Billings during the NTA convention, here are the results:

For the three days we had our table set up, we generated $855 with the sale of the items we had on our website, as well as monetary donations. We also generated another $885 during the banquet by passing around the cowboy hat.

I want to express my appreciation and thanks to each person who contributed at the show by either buying an item or donating some money. I wish I could list all the names here, but I am afraid I would leave some folks out; it would be a very long list. THANK YOU all, you are great folks.

Several studios, individuals and suppliers also donated items to be sold at the show, which we did. I want to express my sincere thanks to them and list them here for the proper credit:

Jeanette Hall of Bismarck, ND donated a tanned mule deer cape and a tanned lifesize coyote hide. Both items sold at the show.

Mr.JR.Butler of Deer Creek Taxidermy in Hulett,WY donated a very nice wildlife book with great reference photos in it. This item also sold at the show.

Derma Grip donated a big bucket of Derma Grip glue. This item lasted but 10 seconds before it sold.

Mr.Fred Hayes of Quality Skull Work in Sandy,OR donated two laser cut metal bear silhouettes which sold at the show.

Mr.Roger Martinell of The Alder Wood Shop in Castle Rock,WA donated two nice panels and a small pedestal. One panel sold, the other two items will be made available on the website shortly.

Van Dykes Supply Co. donated an open mouth bear shoulder form with eyes, as well as a WT shoulder form including the eyes. Both items sold at the show.

McKenzie Supply Co. donated a big bucket of Buckeye hide paste. This item also sold within less then a minute.

Trufitt Mannikins donated a nice open mouth bobcat rugshell including the finished jawset. This item sold at the show.

Research Mannikins donated a mule deer shoulder form as well as a bear shoulder form. Both items sold at the show.

Mohr Co. donated two very nice finished bear jawsets. One sold at the show, the other will be made available on the website soon.

Once again, THANK YOU to each and every one who contributed to the fund over the weekend. Taxidermists are great folks who care.

Evelyn Mills
TERF Organizer

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God Bless you Evelyn!

This response submitted by Cecil on 7/25/06 at 4:22 PM. ( )

Things are looking up here and I plan on sending in a donation soon. Keep up the good work!


This response submitted by becky P on 7/25/06 at 4:24 PM. ( )

That's fantastic. Keep up the great work. BP

Maybe now I can get some response...help

This response submitted by keller on 7/25/06 at 4:59 PM. ( pkeller74@hotmail.com )

Thanks Evelyn...

Please bare with me...
I am trying to either get a compitition or display/seminar...something to town (Evansville,IN) to benifit TERF. I have talked to Indiana Taxidermy Association VP about this. I work at a casino and do taxidermy part time. The casino agreed to(at no charge) let me use our new convention center and give anyone involved a discounted rate on rooms. I know this probably sounds like a scam to bring in buisness for the casino, but it's truely not. I am a pilot on the boat and have nothing to do with the casino making any money. I want to do something to help all the taxidermist that need help now or in the future. My thoughts were to hopefully get people to either volunteer seminars or workshops, and donate 100% of the money made from compitition fee's to TERF. I did speak with Evelyn Mills about this and would like to organize something. I don't want to step on anyone's toes and would like to find a good time of year. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated. I honestly don't want anything out of this except to help build funds for TERF. I'm also not affiliaterd with TERF or trying to advertise for anyone. Just thought I could bring something close and help others in the process. Would anyone be interested? Evansville is in the SW corner of Indiana and perfect for Tri-State access. If anyone would like to contact me I won't have access to my e-mail for 2 weeks, but you can call me on my cell phone(309)397-2465. I know this is going to be hard to organize, but I would like to try and give it a shot. Thanks,
(309)397-2465...note: none of this may happen until next year

Keller you should be commended for trying to help

This response submitted by Cecil on 7/25/06 at 5:37 PM. ( )

but since there has already been a show in Indiana this year and the NTA has just had theirs you may not get the response you want the rest of the year. And you may be unwittingly competing with the Association of Indiana taxidermist's show which has some obvious drawbacks.

How about seeing if the AIT would be willing to relocate at this location and get donations like Evelyn did at the NTA? If not next spring the following spring? IMHO AIT needs a new location badly and it could bring in new members, as when I was president, every time we relocated we brought in new members and kept most of the old.

If members have to choose between an AIT show and yours you may be the loser. Or it could hurt both of you.

BTW I mean the following in humor: If this is one of those boats that moves a few feet this way and a few feet that way to be designated a boat, you must have a tough job as a pilot of the boat. LOL

thank you Evelyn

This response submitted by Dan Gill on 7/26/06 at 12:39 AM. ( )

We all enjoyed Evelyn singing, and playing her guitar at Nationals. pretty, and talented is a good combination in the lobby of our show. Thanks again for all your work, and sharing your singing with us.
Dan Gill

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