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I know what you mean about not hosting a convention at the same time as AIT. It's not my intention to step on anyone's toes (not that I think you implied that in any way). I did talk to Mr. Grillo the VP of AIT, and he had mentioned wanting to find a new place to host the AIT. Thank you for your input and if you come up with any ideas please let me know.

As far as the boat goes...we used to "cruise" a few feet, but now we are permanently dockside. The only time we leave the dock is for maintenance. So yeah I guess it is a pretty easy job, not to mention we work 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. So I can devote some quality time to my new found passion for taxidermy...Life is good.
Thanks again,

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Thanks Paul

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Actually I didn't imply your job was easy but find the loophole where a gambling boat has to move a few feet here and there to be stipulated as a boat rather amusing. So you don't have to do that anymore eh?


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No we don't have much of a job anymore and it is kinda funny, but Coast Guard still mandates that we have a Captain, Mate, and Chief Engineer, and I'm just riding it out until it ends. Then I'll move to our farms in west central IL. and try Taxidermy full time. The vast majority of my business came from there (about 5 1/2 hours away) but I don't mind the travel to deliver deer or turkey, plus it gives me a chance to visit family and check my trail cam. I'm as passionate about hunting as you are fish. Gotta love it.

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