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Submitted by John B on 7/26/06 at 5:04 PM. ( )

For those of you with taxidermy businesses as LLCs, and don't have insurance through the NTA (Coastal Plain) but have insurance through another company, what kind of liability policies do you have for the business and what are the premiums you are paying? Obviously the premium will differ for the amount of coverage you have so please state the amount of coverage ($500,00 or $1,000,000, or other).

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Well here is a basic coverage we have.

This response submitted by KIM on 7/26/06 at 6:03 PM. ( )

We are fully insured. I was even told that WHILE HUNTING, etc, I have liability insurance. I thought well,...the possibilities are great indeed!

Our cost is $35.00 per month with coverage up to one million dollars and with a five hundred dollar deductable per occurance. Now mind you, ANY insurance company is going to fight any claim submitted when the amounts are high. All claims will be carefully screened.

We are also covered if we are sued by someone for something or long as it falls under the "business" category but items tend to get a little tricky as the Insurance industry tightens their belt a little.

Personal damage, theft and other common claims and coverage are covered under normal circumstances.

good Luck

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Good Luck with Coastal Plains. if you are in the wrong area geographically it can be real pricey. I live near the Gulf Coast and was told by them that I fall under a "wind pool" clause and they couldn't write a policy outside of their state without wind coverage.
I also contacted a company/agent listed on the NTA website and was told that they don't write policies for taxidermist anymore. I have had one big hassle getting insurance for my shop. it takes a lot of time on the phone and can be very frustrating. sorry to complain but I have seen a lot of post about great deals on insurance but it has not been that way for me.

Good Luck to All

good luck continued..

This response submitted by RAS on 7/27/06 at 6:13 AM. ( )

sorry, I didn't answer the original question. I pay $500.00 for 1 year and have $100,000 liability.

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