Congrats to Evelyn Mills and Terri Wilson

Submitted by Tony Finazzo on 7/29/06 at 11:16 AM. ( )

Terri & Evelyn were awarded the Presidents award for their work with TERF. This Award was well deserved for their unselfish long hours spent to help other taxidermists in need. They have hart felt thanks from many of us. The NTA needs you too. Why not join us.

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Congratulations to these fine ladies

This response submitted by Dawn on 7/29/06 at 11:21 AM. ( )

I agree with you Tony - it is really refreshing when you see the right people getting recognized for their great contributions to their fellow man/woman.

Too often you sit at award ceremonies and you see awards handed out just to hand them out to people who have never earned it.

The NTA made a great choice here. Thanks Evelyn and Terri for all you have done for TERF.

Two women who are truly great assets to the taxidermy world.

Thanks for taking time out to recognize them Tony. See you in March.

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