Pennsylvania Tanner Passes On

Submitted by John Janelli on 7/30/06 at 8:32 AM. ( )

Stephen DeGeorge, owner of Stroudsburg Fur passed away on 7/18/06 at 71 years of age. Mr.DeGeorge operated his tannery from 1969 untill his passing. It was my great pleasure to meet this highly respected man at the direction of Sinclair Clark more than 30 years ago. While not a taxidermy oriented tanner, all the machinery, chemicals and procedures were identical to Sinclair's fool proof methods and technique perhaps even more refined. Just a little foot note here, back in the early 70's, Stephen was in China doing what Sinclair used to do here, teaching others the art of fur dressing and tanning. While there, a very rare and now extinct in the wild, Bali tiger escaped from a zoo and unfortunatley was killed in the darting process. When asked by the emperor if he ever skinned a tiger before Stephen quipped, "No, but it can't be much different than skinning a coyote!" The tiger was not only skinned but tanned and presented back to the emperor himself. Stephen DeGeorge will always be remembered by those of us who knew him as we ask for all of you to keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers as well. Loosing a loved one is tough as it is but when that loved one was still active in this industry of ours, moving on is not with out extreme difficulty for the family left behind.

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Sorry To hear of this passing

This response submitted by Rick Krane on 7/30/06 at 10:21 AM. ( )

I didn't know Mr. DeGeorge however it is sad when we lose onemof our own in the business. God bless and prayers to the family of Mr. DeGeorge.

Rick Krane


This response submitted by ALEX ,SR on 7/31/06 at 2:40 PM. ( )

TTo hear that, he was always very courteous. RIP

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