Bill Yox's New England Whitetail Workshop!

Submitted by Rick Krane on 7/30/06 at 10:31 AM. ( )

I just wanted to thank Bill Yox and the participants who joined us here in New Hampshire for the Summer Whitetail workshop! It was hot but lots of fun and great food and new friends! I think every one learned lot and had a good time! Bill truly is a Master instructor and has a way to make it all look like magic! Heck even I had a monument or two when I though WOW I could do this! (I got over it quickly and got back to fish) LOL! So a big thanks to Bill Yox and all of the great people who attended!

We will be doing another White Tail work shop in the fall so stay tuned and if you live any where near New England and you really want to learn for the best there is at the white tail game come join us at Anglers Artistry for a few days of learning and fun!

My Best!

Rick Krane
Anglers Artistry
312 Chesterfield Rd
Hinsdale NH 03451

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A Great time

This response submitted by Ed Babneau on 7/30/06 at 4:20 PM. ( )

I am one of the people fortunate enough to partake in Bill's seminar @ Rick's this past week.I,de like to say that Bill is an exelent instructor,with a light hearted ,relaxed way about him ,and an uncanny nack for detail.Time and money well spent ,for anyone that wants to up thier game!Add to that, Rick is as gracious a host as anyone could ask for(and a darn good cook).Two of the best in the business.A pair of ace's for sure! Rick, Bill,My heart-felt thanks to you both!

wow thank you, that was very nice

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 7/30/06 at 9:42 PM. ( )

These always sound like set-ups, but this isnt. Although Im quite sure Rick didnt have a "monument", but rather a moment, Im glad we did the workshop there. Like Ed said, he is a very gracious host. A nice picnic lunch was not something I had expected, probably the students werent either, but it was nice. Perhaps the best part of the schedule was how small problems with tanning, fitting, etc, came up, allowing us to work them out together, just like in a typical commercial setting. I enjoyed working with every one of the participants, and I feel I made some friends too. Thanks again.

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