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i'm just getting into taxidermy and love it. so far ive taken classes on life size mammal, fish, and birds. i have not taken the deer head class yet its in the spring. i want to open a shop part time after i finish the school and hopefully turn my side buisness into a full time career. my question is roughly what kind of income can i expect to make in central north carolina, so far ive never really been able to get a good answer for this question?

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Well, if you charge...

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$1000.00 a head and get in 100 head you will be doing OK! You need to get a feel for what you are getting in as of right now...no one can really answer your question


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Don't know your age, or what you are expecting from taxidermy, but you will get out of it what you put in. I love it also, but it don't oay the bills. I work fulltime and do this as I can. I limit how much I take in because I know how much I can do w/o it becoming WORK!

I have two young friends that decided to go to school and learn taxidermy. I say Good for them! Then one of them jumped right in and started his shop. He was in an area that I use to do a lot of work, but I have kind of pulled in my boundaries as I use to pick-up and deliver at no extra charge and that was kind of far away. Now it is too expensive so he was not hurting my business. I had and have enough to keep me parttime busy anyway. But I see he has gone back to farming in the summer and now only does it in the winter. I heard he was good and I hope that is so. I don't know his reasons for changing his plans but he is, also in the lower center of NC. GOOD LUCK!

Without any advertising, other than word

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of mouth, and not being listed in the Yellow Pages, I used to do 12-20 deer, 2-3 bobcats, 6 to 10 birds (waterfowl/turkey) a dozen fish, several antler mounts, and a few small animals such as squirrel and mink when I was a part timer. I was at this level for 20+ years. Really, I did not want any more business than this, because of my full time profession, and needing to spend time with my family. I lived in a small, rural town (<4000 population) and was the only taxidermist for 25 miles. Hope this helps.

What part of central NC?

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I'm about 15 miles east of downtown Raleigh and I'm doing a pretty good part-time business. So far this year, I have completed 43 mounts for customers and have probably about 20-25 more in the freezer as of right now. A lot of it depends on the quality and price of your work. There are a few "cut-rate" guys around, but they usually come and go. Its hard to say how much money you can make. I think it varies so much depending on your prices, overhead, etc. After you start taking in customer work, you'll see what kind of money you can make. Also, don't expect it to happen overnight. I am in my 5th year in business and I am finally starting to build a lot of repeat and referral business. A lot of it also depends on how much competition you have. There are 8 other taxidermists that I know of within a 25-30 mile radius of me. I'm looking at going full-time, but it will probably be at least 2 more years before I can make it happen. By the way, where are you taking your classes?

Well first

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