stolen deer head

Submitted by Wade on 8/16/1998.

Please help; My father recently had his home broken in to, they stole his 185 b&c 9 point. I know this cant be replaced but the insurance company is telling him "oh you can by deer heads for a $100 to$150 dollars". My dad killed this deer back in 1978 on his 31st birthday the least insurance could do is be fair about the price. Can someone help me find how much nice deer heads sell for? Dad has offered A $500 reward for the return of his deer but im afraid he will never see it again. If anyone can help on A value please E-MAIL me at Thanks Wade

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Sorry to hear about that...

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 8/17/1998.

Unless the mount in question was prepared by one of the country's top firms, the quality of deerhead mounts in 1978 left a lot to be desired. I'm not discounting or denouncing the size of the rack or the memories it held. These days, $150 is not going to get you a deer head of even 1978-quality. Quality deerhead mounts range between $350 - $500, and that does not include the cost of a set of antlers and a cape! I say this because the quality of deerhead mounts done today far exceeds those done in 1978, in general.Points to make here are: 1) Did your father have a rider on his homeowner's insurance for "replacement value"? This is an extra charge and additional insurance that costs pennies toward the thousands of dollars the mount is worth. 2) Does your father have a photo of the mount? If so, this is invaluable to the police and insurance company. I might suggest that you send a copy of the photo to "Breakthrough Magazine" so that Larry Blomquist can run it with the story of what happened to your father's mount. "Breakthrough" is an international magazine that numerous taxidermists receive... might help your father get his deerhead back.Best of luck...


This response submitted by BRIAN ARCHAMBAULT TAILS END TAXIDERMY on 8/28/1998.

Hey how are you doin, that really rots when people steal things, I Wam


This response submitted by BRIAN ARCHAMBAULT tails end taxidermy on 8/28/1998.

Continue from preavious, I would be interested in replacing the mount that was stolen,game head mounts run 200 and up I have readaly supplys for mounts if you are interested I could do it at a fair price it wont bring back memories but it will fill the void on the wall materials and tecniques are of the higest quality and surpass 1978 standards you could call or E- male me 1 800 484 3055pin 3077 N.T.A member# 12826 ps I hear were you are comming from, I think that people should keep there hands off other peoples stuff I have pictures of my work if you would like to see them, A remount of a 50 yearold mount he is big 10pt. And a 20pt BC scores 204 7/8 awsome mount. I could do something similar to that. THANKS BRIAN TAILS END TAXIDERMY

opinion Yox

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 9/17/1998. ( )

More importantly, 185 class racks are not readily replaced. The market value is what your insurance co should look at, the replacement value. Antlers making B&C easily start at the 1000.00 to 1500.00 dollar level. Best to get pics of the head around to bars, hunt clubs, sporting good stores, taxidermy shops, etc, where it can be seen. Unfortunately these big heads are usually sold to other areas because they can be recognized locally.


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