Processing Cattle Horns

Submitted by Bill on 8/20/1998.

Does anyone know the process for cleaning and caring for cattle horns from the initial removal from the steer?

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On The Horns of a Dilemma

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 8/25/1998.

I assume (hopefully I'm right) that the entire skull has been removed from the steer (after death). If this is the case, the entire upper skull should be stripped of flesh by hand, then boiled in a large pot of water to which Sal Soda has been added. Be sure to keep the horns OUT of the water, you don't want them to soften too much. After about 45 minutes or so, you can work a blunt knife up into the bottom of the horn and around its circumference. This will help loosen the horns' grip from the bony core. Continue boiling and twisting and pulling the horns until they come off the core. If these horns have been cut off a living animal, as in some form of polling, then boiling the bases of the horn in a very shallow amount of water will help achieve the same results. You will have to insert a long screw into the base of the bone core. This will give you something to grab (with a pliers) for the twisting and pulling to release the horns from the bone. I hope this will help!

Where can I buy Horns mounted for a wall hanging

This response submitted by Murray A. Dates on 7/16/99. ( Mpdates @ )

I would like to buy a set of horns about 20-24" tip to tip,rather small as horns go.