Waterfowl Feet without Syringe

Submitted by Nick Borowski on 8/26/1998.

I have also been trying to find a way to prevent the feet of a waterfowl from shrinking but the only problem is that I cannot obtain a syringe here in Ca unless I am a docter :( Is there another way to preserve them besides using artificial feet?

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Ask the Doctor

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 8/26/1998.

Try talking to your doctor about why you want the syringes and see if he will write you a prescription. Also, you might want to "befriend" a pharmicist or two. If they know that you want them for a legitimate purpose, you might be able to make a purchase, but I'm not familiar with the law in CA. You want to purchase 1cc tuberculine (insulin) syringes. Agricultural stores usually carry syringes for animals (also availabe via mail-order -- don't have anything handy as far as phone or addy, though). These syringes have larger needles and will create bigger holes, so get the smallest cc possible. Good Luck!

Syringes for bird feet

This response submitted by JMAN on 9/6/1998. ( )

As a taxidermist who does only bird work I have pumped up lots of feet. I prefer to use something such as injection grade Liqua-Cast for feet. This product hardens within a few minutes. This eliminates having to inject the feet several times as is the case if you use bird feet injection fluid or something similar. However, if you do use Liqua-Cast it is better to use a larger needle as you will have a hard time trying to draw the liquid into an insulin needle. I prefer to use a 20ga. needle vs. the 25ga. insulin needle. This method will give you a better final result with less shrinkage.It is true that the 20ga. needle will leave a larger hole but this is easily fixed with SculptAll, plus you will save time because you only have to inject the feet once. As far getting supplies check out vet supply cats. such as Foster&Smith.

Try this.

This response submitted by Pharmacist.... on 1/19/1999. ( nope@hotmail.com )

Try this. Any pharmacy in California can sell you syringes without a prescription by placing your name and address into their log book. If you cannot find a pharmacy that feels comfortable selling you one, tell them that you are a diabetic on insulin and need syringes. You can tell them you are on Humulin N and need some BD ultra-fine syringes 3/10cc (or whatever you need). It's not againest the law, but pharmacies here in California can refuse to sell. Good luck.