Air brush?

Submitted by Chase Curd on 8/30/1998.

I am a beginning taxidermists who has now mounted five fish. My only problem is painting them, I would like to know what kind of paint equipment I should buy. Something in the $70 to $120 price range. I have heard that a Paasche system would be a good buy, but I would like to know what some of you think. Thank you

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Good choice

This response submitted by Bob Coughlin on 9/1/1998.

Chase, The Paasche is a good choice. The single action H#3 is goodfor beginers. you can spray a fine line to a 1 1/2 " pattern. The only draw back with the single action is the paint flow is regulated by screwing the nozzle tip . I prefer thedouble action Vl#3 with this brush the paint flow is regulated by pulling back on the trigger. It takes a little practice. WASCO has both these brushes at very reasonable prices .

opinion Yox

This response submitted by Bill on 9/20/1998. ( )

Hey I've used a few different airbrushes in the last few years and I'd have to say the best and most user friendly would have to be the Vega by Thayer and Chandler. It's a double action, which means you control the amount of air flow by depressing the "trigger" and control the paint flow by drawing the "trigger" back and forward. It's smoother and more consistent than any other brush I've used lately. Poly traspar paints sold by WASCO, the folks who put this site together, is an exellent choice of pant to go with this airbrush. Feel free to e-mail me for more info. Or hit request catolog to see the paints.