lifesize leopard

Submitted by Rob C. on 9/3/1998.

I am interested in purchasing a lifesize leopard cape green or tanned. This would be mounted and donated to our local high school as the mascot in the trophy case.Our mascot is a black panther, so I am hoping that I can get the cape dyed black somewhere.
Please e-mail with price.
Thanks, Rob C.

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LEOPARD: Purchase With Care!!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 9/5/1998. ( )

I know this seems to be getting old, but PLEASE Rob, be sure you only purchase a leopard within your own state! Leopards, tigers, jaguars, and any "marked" (spotted or stripped) cat, come under the jurisdiction of CITES - the Conference on International Trade of Endangered Species. This regulates where you can purchase such animals. Each specimen requires permits from the seller, as well as official forms for sales, etc. If you are planning on dyeing this animal black, a much safer bet is to purchase a cougar cape. For one thing, these are more readily available than leopards. For another, there usually isn't any problem purchasing them from almost anywhere - except in California. If you are in California you are plain out of luck. You can't bring 'em in, and you can't send'em out. Good luck in your search, be aware of the laws and be careful!