dear john

Submitted by eddie b on 9/7/1998. ( )

john bellucci, ive been reading all your input that you are giving on the new to wildlife art and you are very helpful.thanks so much. im learning as a hobby and local taxidermists are unwilling to give advice. i guess they think im after their business. how wrong could they be! thanks again and hope to read from you soon. eddie b

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Glad To Help!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 9/8/1998. ( )

Thankyou very much Eddie for your kind words and thoughts. If you enjoy what I write here in cyber-land, then you will LOVE what goes into the pages of what many of us out here consider the best publication today -- I strongly suggest you become a subscriber (if you are not already) to Breakthrough Magazine - phone number for subscriptions only is 1-800-783-7266. I write many articles for this magazine, mostly what are known as In-Depth Studies of various mammals, but I have written - and will be writing more - articles on various methods and techniques used in our industry. The oldest magazine around is American Taxidermist Magazine - I don't have their phone number handy. Good luck to you in your endeavors.

I agree

This response submitted by AL. Parker on 9/11/1998. ( )

I agree with Eddie, It is really great to see that you are so helpful and responesive to others interested in taxidermy. I`ve been there, I once had a taxidemist that I went to for a question on painting. (What type of paints should I use)? His respones was if you want to learn taxidermy you have to spend the bucks. At any rate, it is refeshing to see you being so helpful to others in this feild. By the way I love your Squirrels.

Our Squirrels Will Be Forever Loved!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 9/11/1998. ( )

Thankyou AL for the compliments. I do feel bad when others think I am belittling them - believe me that is not my intention. Some folks just "read" my writings wrong, taking things too personally. Oh well. I'm very touched to read that you love our squirrels. We love them now and for always. The sad news is that one-by-one, we have lost each of them - they were all very young. When I lost Sissy, it was to an intestinal disorder - bloat, probably brought on by too strong an antibiotic. I chose it over the advice of her vet. Her loss was unexpected and sudden, and really threw me into shock and a deep depression; she was only 6 years old. Next we lost Darla, at only 3 years old, to something horrible - tumors began erupting all over her body, from nose to tail. So she would'nt suffer, she was put to sleep. And finally Eliott; sweet, funny, loving Elliott. At only 5 years old, we lost him after a long term course of antibiotic treatment following removal of infected upper incisors. He was taken off a three-month antibiotic treatment "cold turkey"; this causing his little body to go into shock. Like all my little ones, he passed-away in my hands. I'm still feeling his loss, very strongly. I really thought he would recover - he WAS on his way to recovery. Sorry to bring you down. It is a heartbreaking ordeal, and it's been a bad couple of years with these losses. Again, thanks for your appreciation of my response, and the kind thoughts for our little ones. Take care.

I Don't Know If I Caught Your Drift Correctly.

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 9/12/1998. ( )

Hey AL, my wife pointed out that you may have been referring to my squirrel mounts. I wasn't sure mostly because the losses are so recent and still so raw, I may have misunderstood. If I did, then my heartfelt thanks to your kind remarks about my squirrels, whichever they may be. I do enjoy working on them, but as of late, I haven't been all that enthused to pursue the taxidermy end of squirrels as subjects. As it is, all our little ones, along with our beloved dog are laid-to-rest in Foresthaven Pet Memorial Gardens. Just in case you wondered what became of our pets. Thanks for the intrest anyhow. "Talk" to you soon.


This response submitted by AL. on 9/15/1998. ( )

John: I was referring to the squirrels in general. I think your mounts are great, but I really enjoyed watching your squirrles scamper about as you worked. I found them intersting. I am very surry to hear of your losses. I do wish I could find the words to releave the pain you must be feeling, but no words I can think of will do that. I would like to say however:That you are very lucky to have had them with you even that short time. Your spirits will forever be joined. Look forward. Take care! Talk with you again soon.


This response submitted by Al. Parker on 9/19/1998. ( )

I am looking to redesign my shop area. At this time I don`t find it very helpful. Nothing seems to be in the right place. I`d like to get some ideas from anyone who would like to help out in this undertaking. I plan on redoing the whole shop area. It is about 23x23ft. sq. Any help would be nice!