Looking For Historical Photos etc. For New Book!

Submitted by John Bellucci on 9/19/1998. ( ArtistExpr@aol.com )

Now that I've completed my first book: "The Breatkthrough - Art Of The Big Cat - Manual", I'm starting on another. It is tentatively called, "The History of Taxidermy in the United States". This is our past as an industry, and it was pretty glorious for a while, what with the likes of Hornaday, Akeley, Clark, Rockwell, Jonas, and Inchumuk - just to name a few. They paved the way and broke all kinds of ground that so many take for granted. I think the time has come to write about where we came from as an industry and art form, so that we may know where we are going. I am therefore looking for any old, but good quality - reprintable if you will - archival photos of some of these men at their work; any papers on preparation that may have been produced, for inclusion into the book - all material returnable to those who donate of course; as well as any additional sources and such, any of you out there may know of. All help will be greatly appreciated and duely noted as a contribution to the book. My heartfelt thanks in advance to any who can come forward here.

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Jonas History photos

This response submitted by Harry Paulson on 3/21/99. ( mvt@inficad.com )

,.Johm, After having edited and published The American
Taxidermist magazine for 2 years I was able to agquire
many good pictures of Jonas Bro's work along with pictures
of the work of Henry Inchemuc.I would be happy to submit
them to you if you think you could use them. 1-602-493-5952
Regards, Harry P.