Know it alls.

Submitted by John Creager on 10/2/1998. ( )

I was reading on another chat line, and some newbies, were calling Frank Newmyers methods outdated. Never trust someone with little or no experiance. Thanks John

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well said

This response submitted by Bill on 10/2/1998. ( )

John, e-mail me again and tell me where that was. Frank isn't the ONLY bird guy out ther but, man you can't argue with what he has done...and is STILL doing. Definitely not a flash in the pan, or self described expert. As you saw, though, opinions vary. But you know what they say about opinions(ownership, anatomy, etc)! Have you ever seen one of Frank's more elaborate pieces in person ? I'd like to own one but I think they're out of my $ reach. I do have two of his bird busts, both given to me by him. Nice. See ya J C...Bill

Ever think about the bird greats?

This response submitted by John C on 10/3/1998. ( )

Pat Rummans, Frank NewMeyer, Stephen Savides, All wrap thier own bird bodies, to bad that method is OUTDATED (haha) Just athought John

for the birds

This response submitted by Bill on 10/3/1998. ( )

John C. how about THE man, the late Jack Wilson-my personal favorite, who had a few of my personal birds when he went on to do more important work. Also, how's this : Joe Ferebee, Kevin Schloss, Glen Browning, Paul Czarnecki, Harvey Ziegler, Charlie Fanta, Ed Thompson, Lennart Pettersson, Kent Reedy, Neal Pate, Dave Luke, Cally Morris, and that's off the top of my head. I can tell you there's a few foam bodies in that list, too. I'd look at that groups bird work all day long.Between you and I we named some good ones to be sure, but apologies to whomever could be ommitted !


This response submitted by John Bellucci on 10/4/1998. ( )

For the first time, I have nothing else to add. You guys said all that needs to be said. Good work gentlemen!

Opps I forgot a few!

This response submitted by John C on 10/4/1998. ( )

The late Jack Wilson was one of the best bird men I have ever meet, and one of the most polite as well. I will have to research some a old TAXIDERMY REVIEW MAGAZINE had a fellow that used sawdust in his birds and won several awards at the prestigiuos TAXIDERMT REVIEW, The young man (then) was from Ecergreen Colo. Thanks for your eRS John C.

theres more

This response submitted by Bill on 10/4/1998. ( )

I forgot some NYers. Gerry Viola, Mike Walsh, and a well kept secret here in NY is Ray Fontana. Ah shoot I almost forgot Kelly Siebels and Chris Boyer. Theres another fellow from Canada named George whose last name escapes me, but I know my buddy Bob C. will help me out. This has gone on here but thats a pretty impressive short list of exceptional bird taxidermists. What the hell, lets give credit where its due. I'm sure the forum has room for that...

Place your bets!

This response submitted by Matt Dillon on 11/26/1998.

( )

I'm placing my money on Mr. Shane Smith from Alabama @ the next world championship!

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