How About Some State Taxidermy Association Web Sites?

Submitted by Ken Edwards on 10/9/1998. ( )

Okay, here's the scenario. You are a taxidermist and you have been dabbling on the internet. You've gotten your feet wet developing a web site for your taxidermy studio and you have finally figured out the basics of html, gifs and jpegs. If this describes you, then why not donate your services to your state taxidermy association and create a web site for them? There are only three state associations with a presence on the internet. There should be many more. I know that there are enough talented people out there to make web sites for all of them. How about it?

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This response submitted by Bob Coughlin on 10/9/1998. ( )

Ken, This is from your favorite problem child. I think thats a great idea. What a way to show what your organization is about.
Ken, I've got to ask you, what the heck is a html or a gifs, or a jpegs. I have a hard time finding the letter (now where is it) "Q" on the keyboard. Nevermind my famous spelling. Just hope someone like me doesn't set up a webpage for anyone. Bob C.

Html and so on...

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 10/12/1998. ( )

Hi Bob,

I've tried to answer this one several times, but I keep hitting the "Start Over" button. I had some good ones typed in. Boy, humor can be difficult to convey in this environment. What seems funny to me when I type it in can look like cruelty when I read it back. (I feel your pain, John B.) Anyway, you asked a question Bob, and alhough I don't really know if you want an answer, courtesy demands a response. In this case, a humorless response.

Html stands for HyperText Markup Language which is the programming that creates web sites. The people who would set up these sites would need to know a little about this language in order to create them. Gifs and jpegs are types of graphic files, used to make the pictures and backgrounds on the web.

I think State Association Web Sites are a great idea, too. Organizations could promote their conventions, list their members for sportsmen looking for taxidermists in their area, and keep members up to date with meetings, minutes and announcements. This internet is really becoming the essential conduit for information exchange. I would love to see the state associations get more active in it.

Alphabet Soup

This response submitted by Cheryl B. on 10/12/1998. ( )

You learn quickly when dealing with computers that software and hardware engineers love anacronyms (no, I don't think that's spelled correctly and I don't think it's even the word I really want)... you know, initials that stand for something else. Anyway, Ken is right, html stands for hypertext markup language... sort of a web typeset kinda thing. Gif stands for graphic information file and was developed for Compuserve when sending and downloading picture files over e-mail got really popular. Gifs are now pretty much the "standard" for displaying images on the WWW (World Wide Web... or the Web). The older bmp (bitmap) files are larger and gifs are a compressed file. Jpeg... no, I don't remember right now what it stands for, but it is an even more compressed graphic file than the gif. You might hear about tifs (tagged information files), another popular compressed graphic file type. Let's see, Java is a web programming language that is responsible for a lot of the cool effects you see on some web pages (hover buttons, marquees). Perl is another language that's grown in popularity with web pages... it parses out text strings. Oh, uhm... this is a *taxidermy* forum, right? Sorry, guys... I've grown up around computers, and I thought the web was cool before commercialism struck it. Ken, I have to congratulate you on providing a "tecno-coffee house" where taxidermists can hang out and share their ideas. Although, I think it's a little strange that Bill Yox is calling my husband and talking about web sites and download time... Actually, Ken, come to think about it, I used to have my computer and my Internet connection all to myself, but I have to share it with John now... hmmmm. Maybe this isn't such a great thing after all! Anyway, hope I didn't put all of you to sleep. There's a lot of information and technology out there and its easy to go on overload!


This response submitted by Bob Coughlin on 10/13/1998. ( )

To Cheryl and Ken,
That stuff went so fast over my head it took what little hair I had left with it.Now I'm starting to look a little bit more like Yoxy.Ken ,you dont have to be courtious with me, nobody else is.Both you guys tried to explain that stuff to me and I still dont get it.To be honest with you I dont know if I really want to know what all that computer lingo means.I've had a hard enough time trying to figure out this darn keyboard.One thing though I've learned to type with two fingers instead of one.I've doubled my words per minute!!!I think I'll leave all that computer stuff to the computer literate and just keep plugging away at becoming a better taxidermist. Thanks for trying guys , Bob C.

Looking for a Taxidermy Chat Room

This response submitted by betty freeman on 10/22/1998. ( day1dreamr )

hey is there any taxidermy chat room's?

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