Ever wonder what's DOWNUNDER

Submitted by Travis Carroll on 10/12/1998. ( xlead@usa.net )

Im taxidermist/hunter who lives in Australia and I'm here to present some facts on hunting down here. Most of our native animals (eg. Kangaroo, Emu, Wombat, possum, Tasmainian Devil) are protected by state laws but they vary from state to state. Our game animal population continues to grow as does the quality of animals harvisted, and guess what it's not all red dust and OUTBACK down here we have snowy mountins, grasslands, rain forests and some of the best land based game fishing in the world.
Deer species include; Sambar (extremly hard to hunt but very rewarding lage Deer 700lbs+), Rusa (similar to sambar though smaller in body size ), Fallow (similar size to Whitetail various colors, palmated antlers), Chital (Axis Deer), Red (A mixture of Scottish, German, New Zealand Red Deer and Wapati Elk bloodline), Hog Deer (A small Asiatc Deer speicies similar in size to a Roebuck).
we also have the big game of the Northen Teritory which include Water buffalo, Bantang(a large asiatic bovine which is hard to find but has litteraly a tone of attitude when you do), Wild Cammel, Wild Donkey. All over Australia you will find Fox, Rabbit, Hare, Wild Boar, wild Horses and wild Goats. The wild Goats being particularly good in quality. A close frend of mine harvisted a billy with a 53 inch horn spread.
So keep Australia in mind if your planning an overseas hunt it realy is too good to miss, I won't be throwing any g**d*** shrimp on the BBQ but I'll have a nice cold beer with you while we cape out some of the finest game in the world!

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This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/15/1998. ( rittel@ici.net )

Travis - Welcome to the Forum. I really enjoy hearing from you here. This is a place where you're invited to participate, and in the future, please feel free to contribute some advice. In the meantime however, I have some questions for you. Simply curiousity - but I've always been intrigued with Australia. Its more - "What we used to be", albeit you have your Cosmopolitan cities. Your Bush though, is what I refer to as what we used to be. Its fantastically beautiful, if I can believe the TV shots I see, sparse population, and lots of room to roam. And like you pointed out, its has a tremendous variety to choose from. Not just the Outback! With our population explosion here in the States - we're probably looking at hunting Private Preserves in the future. As a Taxidermist in Australia - where do you buy your Supplies? Are there Suppliers such as WASCO, available to you? Or must you "make do" with what you can find thru local sources? Do you "wrap" or mold your own bodyforms - or are they available there too? Since I'm a Tanning Supplier and Tanner - I have to also ask, what do most Taxidermists there use for tanning? Alum? Chrome? I've got more - but I don't want to overwhelm you. Maybe some other time. In the meantime, I hope we hear more from you. Bruce Rittel

Any information on the Tasmanian Devil

This response submitted by Brandon on 3/31/00. ( swany@inreach.com )

I have chosen the Tasmanian Devil to do a report on for school. We are having a hard time finding enough information on this animal. Could you send me some information?
I would really appricate it.
Thank you, Brandon

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