Bear Rug......How Much?

Submitted by Rod on 10/24/1998. ( )

Last year my close friend shot a nice black bear and he wanted to get it made into a rug. We both are originaly from Pennslyvania, now in Washington State. Back East it seemed like you could find a taxidermist on every corner. However, out here it seems like they are few and far between, or else we have not looked very hard. I have only worked with deer mounts and didn't want to tackle his trophy so he found a local taxidermist. The bear rug measurements were about 6.5' X 6.5'. The taxidermist charged him $850. Does this sound reasonable. After reviewing the rug I feel that he did a good job although I think the eyes could have been better but I, as a novice, don't feel qualified to judge a proffessional. Is there any way to know how much fair mounting costs should be. Let me say, I have seen very, very good mounts that I feel were worth the money no matter how much the cost. And to the pro's: Is this a hot topic in the industry?

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Prices is about right

This response submitted by John C on 10/24/1998. ( )

Prices run anywhere from $125.00 up to $225.00 per linier foot so your at $141.00 per foot is about ballpark. JohnC.

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