Here is your big chance, Taxidernists!

Submitted by Jeff on 11/14/1998.

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Hey guys, I am about to open a Fish Taxiderny Studio. I should be up and running before the spring. Needless to say I have come down with a mortal case of " Studio Name Block " Yipes..!!! 1 What I need is a decent name. I have been working for another outfit for a while but I am gonna go on my own. I do some nice work, I paint a load of Saltwater reproductions too. Have any of you guys, Pros or beginners, come up with a name they wish they could of, should of or dream of using for a shop? Come on.... I know you guys have to have something stored away in those creative minds! I'll even agree to erect a memorial plaque in my display area recognizing with great gratitude the guy or gal that comes up with a decent name for me. I promise!! I am open to any input here and I also realize I am leaving myself open to a barrage of humorous responses. Don't worry, I won't be offended! At this point... give me all you have got! I just need responses! Any stimulus to my brain barring shock treatments will help. Let the names begin!!! aiting, Jeff

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This response submitted by Rusty on 11/14/1998.

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Try "FAncy Fins"...or Aquatic creations...or Fins 4-ever... or...I'm outa ideas!!..Good luck! Rusty

A couple more..

This response submitted by John on 11/14/1998.

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Here's a couple, right off the bat. 1. Fish Forever 2. Finned Fantasies 3. Aquatic Artistry I had a few more, but they were too corny. I'll think of more, just wanted to get a quick response in. John "the gillman" Gill P.S. Where will your shop be located? Are you looking for high end clients (big fat marlins) or anybody with a fish to mount?

Oops!, Kudo's to Rusty

This response submitted by John on 11/14/1998.

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Sorry, forgot to mention that 2 of the 3 were spin offs of Rusty's ideas. Don't want to be accused of plagiarism! I'm still thinking. John

Let me think????

This response submitted by Paul Coenen on 11/15/1998.

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Hydro Artistry...The Fish Guy...Wet Creations...That's it, I'm outta ideas. They weren't real good but hopefully something different to get the mind cranked up.

I'll Try...

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 11/15/1998.

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I'll start with: "Oceans Blue and Tuna Too!"; "Sorry - Charlie", ooh I like that one! How 'bout: "Fish Fanatics"; "Wet Dreams" (I know that one's nasty); "Holy Mackrel Taxidermy"; "Fish-R-Us"; Fish-R-Fun"; "The Fin's The Thing" (a little play on Shakespeare). Now, how 'bout listing some of your own ideas!

I'm done

This response submitted by John G on 11/15/1998.

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John B. beat me to the punch with my favorite - Holy Mackeral! Other than that, all can think of is "Denizens of the Deep". My brain is starting to hurt. John

How about a corny one

This response submitted by Bob C on 11/15/1998.

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Jeff , I 've got one that keeps poping into my head and if I dont write it here its going to drive me CRAZY. How about Fishermans Dream Taxidermy Studio. Yea I know its kinda corny. But at the same time is kinda neat. Bob C

Tightlines n Ten Rings

This response submitted by Dave on 11/15/1998.

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My original thought when startin up was Tightlines and Ten Rings but decided that it was a little obscure for joe outdoorsman. Two of my buddies shops are Wildlife Preservation and River Run Taxidermy . Usually when I call them I ask for Wildlife Flatulation and Ruined River Taxidermy and they in turn call for Careless Taxidermy ( play on my last name i guess) How bout the Classy Bass Taxidermy, Tackle Box, Best Little Hook House in so and so, Finnatical Taxidermy, The Fish Market, Full Creel, Scales n Tales, The Bait Bucket, umm now to think of it, some of these might be better for a sporting goods store or outfitter. If you were a catfish guide you could be Mr. Whiskers. Good Luck and Tightlines, Dave

How bout this

This response submitted by Rick on 11/15/1998.

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One that came to mind is " Fintastic CreationsTaxidermy" or "Trophies of the Deep" Good Luck. I pondered for my name of "Trophies of Nature " for a year.

You forgot one ...

This response submitted by Valentin Potchekansky,Bulgaria on 11/16/1998.

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You forgot one name,GENTLEMEN-"The Last care". Sorry,joke.Valentin P.S.I believe Jeff will find above the name he needs.


This response submitted by shawn taylor on 11/19/1998.

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I know it is hard but here are a few WATER WORLD TAXIDERMY, WATERLAND TAXIDERMY, FISHERMAN FANTASY, WATER WORLD CREATIONS, I have run out of ideas but here is one last thought, I have no idea what geograghic region you are from so plug your area in place of my example NORTHWEST WATER CREATIONS. It might work you could even put your name in front. Or if you are near the ocean how about COASTAL CREATIONS, FREE FLOWING STUDIO ??????? GOOD LUCK Later, Shawn Taylor

Keep em' Coming... boys!! More Specifics

This response submitted by Jeff on 11/20/1998.

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Well... well... well, what a surprise. I appreciate all of the help guys! Were getting close, John is in the lead in my book with his suggestion of " Aquatic Artistry". There are a bunch of really clever ideas on this board but "A" being tops in the Phone Book Listing might help give me an edge. I am going to be located in Pennsylvania, 10 minutes from the lower Delaware river, Striper Heaven. I do a big Saltwater business, being less that an hour from the East Coast, Delaware bay and the Cheseapeake Bay. The stream trout fishing is excellent in my area too. I do some flat art too, painting and such. As for my ideas "High Hook Fish Taxidermy".... " Wildlife Creations " " The Livewell " was one i thought off but it sounds like it could be a bar. "Tight Lines" and "The Stringer" were a couple other lame ducks I thought of. As you can see, I need inspiration here! Keep em' Coming! Thanks, Jeff

Almost Alive Animal Art

This response submitted by Dave on 11/22/1998.

( )

That oughta get you towards the top of the list in the phone book, especially if you abbreviate it. Good luck, Dave

OK, One More...

This response submitted by John on 12/9/1998. ( )

How about "Aquatic Artistry and Artifacts". You have AAA for the phone books and Webster (copyright 1966) says that an artifact is "n. a thing made by human work or skill." Personally, I think just plain Aquatic Artistry is better. After all, when was the last time you thought the first listing in the phone book was better? Good Luck, John

Here's a couple

This response submitted by Sonny on 12/9/1998. ( )

How about Reel Time Taxidermy or Fishy Business.

I Can't help myself...

This response submitted by John on 12/15/1998. ( jgill... )

Deep Sea Taxidermy (it rhymes) and THAR SHE BLOWS. Boy, I really like that second one... John - I haven't stopped yet, but, how about taking a vote?

your company

This response submitted by ryan on 12/26/1998. ( )

hey how bout fish forever or dreams come true,fish taxidermy.
well I hope you find a great name.

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