Did Ya Ever Notice........

Submitted by Bob Coughlin on 11/15/1998.

( bobswildlife@webtv.net )

Hey guys, did you ever notice in almost ever sucessful one man taxidermy studio , the taxidermists spouse has a good job.I'm one of those guys myself. With out my wife working I'd have a hard time making it. Now dont start with I'm not charging enough. I'm in the upper price range in my area. So what do ya think ? Am I crazy or do you think I'm right? Just thought it might be time for a little contreversy.

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Man , I 've got to watch myself!!!

This response submitted by Bob C on 11/15/1998.

( bobswildlife@webtv.net )

Hey guys I really sorry for all the spelling errors. For some reason it looks good when I'm typing but boy it comes out all screwed up. Anyway if my spelling was perfect what would Yox have to pick on me about! I know part of my problem is a sticky keyboard, the rest of the problem is just good old me.Anyway try to tolerate it.I dont even know if I spelled that right.Yox even told me I spelled GO wrong in one of my responses. Can you believe it!! Thanks for putting up with me. Bob C

...and he says"Hey guys I really sorry"...

This response submitted by Yox on 11/15/1998.

( )

... now he spells correctly but just uses the wrong words!!! I hope Valentin doesn't learn english from him. Bob DID spell go as GOE in one of his recent postings, and he BS's me by saying the key most have stuck. Yeah, right, they just step themselves down and misspell Bobby's otherwise perfect spelling. Actually, dispite his loose grasp of the language, I do enjoy reading his informative responses, and not just because we're friends.


This response submitted by yox on 11/15/1998.

( )

I meant must...not most, see, he rubs off on me!


This response submitted by Bob on 11/15/1998.

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Billy, Yea my key most have stuck

Plese get Hooked on Phonics, Bob

This response submitted by dave on 11/15/1998.

( rkerr1998@aol.com )

Bob, couldn't resist putting my two cents worth in. Maybe we'll all pitch in and get you the video set for Xmas ( short for Christmas) he he he... Dave Oh, by the way Bob, did you get the bondo of your computer keys yet??

What was the question?

This response submitted by Jerry S on 11/16/1998.

( jds@vvm.com )

Putting the "Bob cain't spel" part aside, I thought I'd talk about the ball and cha . . er, I mean the wife. In my shop she's out there getting her hands dirty too! In fact, she does all the antler mounts, all the lifesize small mammals, and a good chunk of the epoxy finishing work! (gotta love her!) Years ago, when I first started, she would head for the house when I started skinning heads. Now, she just pushes them off to the side and eats her lunch with me. Actually, I kinda got bored with competing at shows but she kept going. She's in Master Class at our state show and her highest ribbons are a first in the last world show (raccoon standing on a granite block holding an egg) and a best of category in state with a raccoon on a picnic table scene. She's also NTA certified. The only thing I try to keep her away from is "customer service". She is NOT a people person when it comes to handling a difficult client (last month she told a VERY slow client that if he didn't pick up his mount she would throw the son of a ***** in the trash! . . . gotta love her!) My favorite one was when I was on a hunting trip and she took a phone call from a potential client who wanted prices and directions to our shop but wanted to speak with a male instead of her. The guy said women shouldn't be taxidermists and he didn't want her to mount his deer. She explained her credentials and said that in our shop she might very well be the one mounting it. When the guy asked if he got a discount if she mounted she went off on him! She told him she was going to give him his prices and directions . . . the price would be free because we were NOT going to mount it, and the directions were for him to take his deer and shove it up . . . well, you can figure out the rest! Gotta love her! I have to . . . I don't want to make her mad! Jerry

Me too!

This response submitted by Paul Coenen on 11/16/1998.

( chiefrive@cheqnet.com )

I'm in the same boat, but also have a fulltime job myself. I'm currently teaching with the hopes of a fulltime shop in the future. If it weren't for my wife, and her job, I wouldn't be going to school next summer. She's very supportive and is my biggest fan.


This response submitted by Fred Davis on 11/16/1998.

( fdavis@chickasaw.com )

Reading through the forum on the article did ya ever notice on Jerry's response. Maybe your wife and mine may be kin.Hard working,GREAT ATTITUDE,don't take any ##$@%$# guff. Gotta love'm.Hope you don't mind me joining in sometimes! Great Forum,all the way through.

Sounds like they're all from the same mold

This response submitted by Dave on 11/16/1998.

( rkerr1998@aol.com )

Sounds like all our wives might be sisters or cousins at least. While mine doesnt do any work in the shop yet she's threatened to start as soon as she gets her college degree in the spring. For now she's content with lookin over my shoulder, goin to the seminars, and just hanging around with my taxidermist buddies. ( although she says she can never shut me up when whith them) Come spring that'll change but maybe that'll mean I'll get to do a little fishin this year. Then again, maybe not as she's already got the biggest on the wall. Tightlines, Dave

Hucked on fonics wurked fur mie

This response submitted by John C. on 11/16/1998.

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A Point of View from the "Other Side"

This response submitted by Cheryl B. on 11/16/1998.

( cheryl@cjsquared.com )

To Jerry S: Hey! As another female who works in a male-dominated field (although there are more and more female computer-types out there every day, not like when I started 20 years ago... yikes!), I tip my hat to your wife and send her multiple kudus for telling that pea-brain what she thought about his opinion of women taxidermists. When John and I get cracking on this book we're doing about "The History of Taxidermy in North America", I plan to do a very long and very devoted chapter on the women of taxidermy: Sallie Dahmes (Hi, Sallie! Miss those jaunts to Sam's with you!), Wendy Christensen-Senk (Hey, Wendy, when I look up "taxidermy" in the Compton's Encyclopedia on AOL, your picture appears!), Dawn Crews, Deb Moralez (formerly Debbie Elzner), and more! What the heck, Jerry... I may even include your wife!

As for successful taxidermists whose wives have good jobs... I personally think of it as a life partner sharing the yoke rather than trying to strangle him with it... (although, there are days!). I am not a taxidermist, don't really want to be one (John and I sewed a bear rug one weekend... my fingers were sooooo sore... next rug that came in, first thing I said was, "Hey, aren't there people out there that will sew that for you?" To which John replies, "Yes, dear... but they charge money." And I responded, "Consider me on strike!" (Guess what, John wholesaled that rug... Hey, come to think of it, who owns most of the rug wholesalers? WOMEN!!!!)

Cheryl, here's another one

This response submitted by Jerry on 11/17/1998.

( jds@vvm.com )

Cheryl, if you really do the section about the women of taxidermy, I would like to nominate a lady for you to include. You may already know her or have heard of her. She is Wilma Loughmiller of Lampasas, Texas. She recently retired after 20+ years in the business and now operates a small school. She was the first taxidermist in the state of Texas to get NTA certification. She was the first female taxidermist to earn the Award of Excellence, her best award is a National Champion reptile (rattlesnake) and she sculpted some of the rattler forms that McKenzie sells.Also she was the first taxidermist I ever met who said "come on in" and would share any information she had about taxidermy. I met her several years ago when I stopped by her shop on the way to a hunting trip. I heard that there was a very good lady taxidermist in Lampasas so I asked if I could see some of her work. I ended up staying the entire day, ate supper with her and Jim, and we have been family ever since. She could give you a lot of insight into a lady breaking into a man's world early on. I think she would be perfect to include in your book. If you're interested, let me know and I'll get you her address and phone. Thanks! Jerry

pearl henderson frm beebe, ark

This response submitted by john c. on 11/24/1998.

( )

you got to include pearl, i beleive she was at the very first meeting when the nta was organized in popular bluff, mo.


This response submitted by mary on 12/11/1998. ( mdunlop685@aol.com )

I didn't know, when i signed on for this marriage, that I was going to be a taxidermist's wife. Like other wives, I have a good job, and I don't do any of the taxidermist work. But I know our lives are revolved around his business when the kids walk in the house after school, and after sniffing for a second, say.." Dad is making antler soup again.", because he's been boiling skulls in the kitchen again. I think you are all a special breed of people, unusually patient. I would never put up with some of the abuse you take from customers, and have even gone as far as calling one of my husbands "good" customers an $$$hole after he tried to get another discount on a finished mount.

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