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Submitted by Jerry S. on 11/6/1998.

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For the past 8 years I'v worked in a 16x24 room at the back of my carport. I'm just finishing up a 1500 sq ft building with 900 sq ft of showroom and 600 sq ft of work area and thought it would be a good idea to add it to my insurance program. I live in the country and the shop is on my land next to but separate from my house. My old buddy insurance agent from Farmer's Insurance always told me not to worry about coverage on the old shop because it would fall under my homeowners policy. Well my old buddy looked at the new shop and finally figured out what I do. Then he told me that I was lucky that nothing happened because Farmer's probably wouldn't have covered a claim. Further, he says that they won't give me a commercial policy because they don't insure taxidermists! I told my old buddy that he can look for another client because this one just dropped him (imagine . . . an insurance salesman who didn't tell me the truth! What is America coming to?). Anyway, I looked at the policy that was advertised in Taxidermy Today and it seemed kinda high for so little coverage - plus it covers NOTHING for the building. I need a good insurance policy that will cover my business, home, autos, etc. with me being in the country. Anybody been there and done that? Thanks! Jerry

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This response submitted by Damon Kustes on 11/6/1998.

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Steve Turner
Heritage Insurance
6540 Outer Loop
Louisville Ky 40219

He represents several Companies.
He was able to get me Home Owners and Business Insurance at my Residence when My shop was at the House. I still Have Commercial Insurance through him.
He can help you.

This is a problem

This response submitted by John C. on 11/6/1998.

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Jerry as you now know many insurance agents are timid about a taxidermy shop, and many are just chicken shiza about taking care of business without putting the screws to you. Also unless licensed in your state a out of state agent cannnot sell you in most cases. But the is a cure. Find a FARM BUREAU agent they can in most states insure you at resonable rates. I currently pay $230.00 per year for contents and personal liability, limmits on clients critters is sparse, as its tough to price a hunt after the fact and true value of a critter. Good luck John C.

call Larry

This response submitted by Bill on 11/7/1998.

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Call Larry Blomquist at Breakthrough Magazine, he and I spoke about how the bigger studios insure the contents on a monthly basis so you dont have the high premiums when, for example, the desert sheep are already returned to the client, so to speak. The liabillity would no longer be there, why pay for it for a year. I just don't remember the details.

Auto Owners

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 11/7/1998.

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I have the tannery, and Carol has her shop on Auto Owners, and they will let you bounce your coverage up and down like Bill talked about. I think you have to get them through an independent agent, if they are available in your area. Keith

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