possible new world record whitetail

Submitted by DAK on 11/24/1998.

( DamonKus@aol.com )

Not really taxidermy news, but if you all are like me you will be interested in this story.


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What A Monster

This response submitted by Rick on 11/28/1998.

( dleteff@eatel.net )

WOW!!!!, What A deer! I wish I could at least just see some calcium on top of a buck. I'm not asking for much am I? Thats why I started mounting deer. If I can't shoot them, I'll mount them. Maybe one day. HA HA.

Have you read the follow ups?

This response submitted by John on 11/30/1998.

( jgill@acronet.net )

Have any of you read the follow up stories on this deer? Seems this guy won't have P&Y measure it! Sounds like noble reasoning, (he doesn't trust them) but, I think he's been alone in the woods a little too long!

They look alike!

This response submitted by John on 11/30/1998.

( acornet )

Is it me, or does the deer and the guy look alike? You know, like a pet looks like it's owner. Just wondering, John

If it is the real deal!

This response submitted by Eric Hrudka on 3/4/1999. ( )

If that deer is real I think this will change the way we look at whitetails. I am a deer farmer and I breed deer to get that big but I never got that close. So if it is the real deal hat of to mother nature!!

what rick thinks

This response submitted by rick orourke on 3/12/1999. ( )

i think he killed the deer and he deserves the credit
and it is a hellofa big deer

Big Buck

This response submitted by Michael A .Church on 3/12/1999. ( mikechurch@naxs.net )

Congratulations on the Big Buck.I hope it scores and becomes the new world record.


This response submitted by DARE-U2 on 3/13/1999. ( dareu2@hotmail.com )

While hunting my uncle's farm in Northeastern Missouri, in Ralls County,
I watched this buck as he grazed and grew for five years and had serveral
shots at him, but passed because he just too small. I can't believe my patience
got the best of me, as I drew the bow string back and successfully
dropped a six pointer... because the very next day while setting in my
stand at first light, the monster tweleve was right under me. I couldn't
help but take down my old friend. The five years was over and my monster
tweleve was on the dirt. Unfortunatly, I tagged the six pointer the night
before. Mitch I appreciate your help on tagging this magnificant animal.
Thanks again Mitch for your help... enjoy the fame.


This response submitted by John on 3/18/99. ( )

Have you read the stories on that deer? It is a fake. You can tell by the picture. And, he won't get it scored.

Leave Him Alone

This response submitted by Robert Bourland on 3/29/99. ( bourlar@hotmail.com )

I think it is terrible how this hunter is being portrayed by some people, people that I think are jealous for the most part. It is not very often that most hunters see a buck like this, so they refuse that they exist. Just because you do not see one does that mean that they do not exist? To me that is what hunting is all about, the vision that somewhere in some swamp or thick forest, a place untouched and overlooked by most hunters, lives such a monster, and this story of this deer just makes that vision more alive to me. So congradulations to such a great whitetail,he is a great hunter and he deserves the credit. If the man does not want the deer to be scored, more power to him, that is not what hunting is about anyway.

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