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Submitted by Valentin Potchekansky,Bulgaria on 12/5/1998. ( wasbg@mailcity.com )

Gentlemen,I reviewed the message "Prices" submited down below.
I am wondered,at First - why Ken allow such "taxidermy virus"to
come in the Forums?Second-why You,well speaking english people
didn't explain him that the Taxidermy is not meckanics work.Till now(I'm 42)
I had never seen a person which hang on the wall plumbers,or carpenters
work and prise with it.You simply must to explain the differance between
the Taxidermy Art and mechanics work.We are not only"Skin-movers"!
We believe create some kind of Art,aren't we?
At last-Kill the Virus! Valentin
P.S.By the way where is Mr.Edelman,who must keep them informed?

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Valentin,Where have you been?

This response submitted by Bob C on 12/5/1998. ( bobswildlife@webtv.net )

Valentin, I tend to agree with you but I didnt want to offend any plumbers or machanics.Some of those guy do "works of art" but I wouldn't put them on my wall. I really believe that taxidermy is an art form,not just a skill.Though it takes skill to be a good taxidermist.Does that make sense?Any way where have you been?I've missed your humor in here.And please answer your Emails.Hope to here from you again. Bob C

You Make A Good Point, But...

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 12/5/1998. ( ArtistExpr@aol.com )

Hello Valentin,

The reason many compare the taxidermy "trade" to the mechanics and plumbers "trades" is not because we are the same. It is mostly to show that if other skilled "professionals" can command a high fee, then why not the taxidermist.

We sometimes have to make a comparisons with what the avaerage public is familiar with - that being a plumber or a mechanic. They charge a high rate. When we get their bill it must be paid. Though we may be angry with the fee, we are grateful that our pipes are fixed and that our vehicle runs.

When you consider mechanics and plumbers are not truly an "artist" in the sense of the finer arts, the taxidermist SHOULD be charging more for their work.

The problem is that there are so many doing this work for very low rates, it makes it tough for a full-time professional to convince many hunters out there that we desrve to charge enough to make a living wage.

With many charging a lower rate, the hunter can price-shop, because getting a deer mounted is not as important as having a car that runs and pipes that flow!

That's why we have to make those stupid comparisons.

It really shouldn't be done, but it's trying to convince the hunter that an artist should be allowed to make as much, if not more, than the "corner" mechanic or local plumber. It is a tough battle here in that respect.

We are often looked on as someone who is doing what we do for fun. That's the mind-set we must contend with.

Hope this clears this issue up for you a bit. Best wishes to you...John B.

PS: How goes interpreting the forum messages with Sergei. Can you let us in on what exactly he is wanting to do? I've tried to answer him several times, but the language barrier is tough to get through. Thanks. John B.


This response submitted by Valentin Potchekansky,BG on 12/6/1998. ( wasbg@mailcity.com )

Hi Bob,I am not trying to offend nobody,too.I just detach away our Art.We can work as Plumbers,Masons,Carpenters,Dentists,Painters,Tailors Sculptures,Molders erc.etc...you can name.But,to create some Art is someting more.The Hunters enthrust us their trophies which cost sometimes thousands and thousands $$$.It is huge of responsibility. That is it!Do you receive the email? Hi John,Thank you very much you concider my remark.I think you are right.But,let remember-we(The taxidermists)are enough skilled and can fix our tubes,but the Pipe-leakers(sorry-Plumbers;^) can't mount even a small Mournind Dove,right? What about Sergei? I got his email.He explain me for his interesting of learning everithing he can in fish taxidermy,especialy in trout mounting.He is obtain the latest WASCO catalog and now need advice for the most useful stuff for beginers like him.He is stoped to video tape Nr.217.Would like to purchase too few pairs glass eyes for Rainbow Trout. Becouse of the Crisis in Russia he has troubles for sending money to USA. I sent him by Post Mail copy of the article"Tube Skinning a Trout"by Denis Arp published in The American Taxidermists magazine,July-August 1997.Soon I will send him some more articles about Fish taxidermy. That is shortly!Thanks again for your interest. Best whishes! Valentin

Grammatical errors...

This response submitted by Valentin Potchekansky,BG on 12/6/1998. ( () )

I am sorry very much for the all errors I made abovewritten. It is becouse I wrote this message few times.The server disconect me from the Net and I had to type it again and fast.Valentin

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