Corner taxidermist

Submitted by John C on 12/6/1998. ( )

At the moment I have a Haxidermist living less than 200 feet out my back door, his new prices for this year are $200.00 for a deer mine are $350.00.

I completed a deer 4 nights ago for another local in this town, well with deer season in full swing, the kid is getting a lot of deer in.

I did not advertise for several reason this year, but I have shown several people the quality of the latest head, the better eyes ect. Low and behold I am getting some additional local work.

Most people in town say "well yea when it comes to fish and birds there is a difference and we can see it."

I then ask "Do you not think that qaulity carrys over to deerheads?"

"Well he's only half your price."

" Let me show you. Then I want you to do the same inspection on his heads."

Man are the people talking bad about that guys work.

I did not run him down, I just ask them to look at what I do and see if he does the same thing. Wish I had done that 3 years ago.

Just something to sell the client.

Whats the difference between a customer and a client?? The client pays more money. Later guys got some deer to skin. John C.

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You run him down

This response submitted by Cary on 12/6/1998. ( )

You may not think so but you did run him down, maybe not on purpose but you did. I'm just starting out with this taxidermy work and I'm cheaper than the other guy and yes their work is better than mine, I'm self taught they went to school wish I had the money to do that but I don't. But I will be as good as those other guys one day and you can bet I won't be putting someone else down, as a matter of fact right now if someone talks about the other guys work I have nothing but good things to say about them. I'm a full time carpenter in my brothers business and I can say without a doubt that we are the best there is around here, thats because our "clients" tell us, we don't have to pick someone elses work apart to prove that. We turn work away because their is to much for us to do (some people do wait) over a year just to have us do their work. A taxidermist friend of mine in Tenn. has raised his prices through the roof because his work is that good and he has to many clients and wants to slow down what he is taking in but they keep comming. Guess what I'm trying to say here is let your work speak for itself, you can't do it all any- way. Hope I didn't get you all in a tizzy with this but I had to say it. If you're the john c who helped me with the Golden Trout thanx again. Cary

if I send them out to compare...

This response submitted by Bill on 12/6/1998. ( )

... I just send them out "generically", that is, I dont say to look at so 'n so's work, just the other guys in general. I do tell them what makes mine a good bet, but I leave it up to the individual to check the others of his choice. Hope this opinion helps both of you. I believe that the beginner CAN ask for the going rate for his work, when he recieves it, just keep working until you are done, not when the clock says so. Not a good business ploy? Maybe, but you'll learn to do them pleasingly, and be paid as well. Again, just my opinion.

I always flub up dont you.

This response submitted by John C. on 12/6/1998. ( )

The guy on the corner has never had a lesson. Never been to a seminar, Never tried to improve. While I may have ran him down some on here, it was not intentional. Now I did show the client what to look for, and in general told him to go check it out. As we all know all mounts are not the same. I know a guy that has some great work and never been to a show, he is gifted.

Things happen, I sent this guy a lot of work last year. Why because some people dont understand quality. He still has not got but 35 of his deerheads done, and I will send him more that cant or will not pay what I charge, not a problem, as things are changing rapidly with my circumstances. But at lest everyone will understand poor quality work when I am gone from here. My intentions are to get this guy into some seminars, he has been invited to the seminars several times and says he dont need them, we will see.

Sometimes I am a A$$HOLE but sometimes I am alright too. John C.

I didn't call you that

This response submitted by Cary on 12/6/1998. ( )

I didn't call you an a$$hole and didn't mean it that way. And yes i flub up. If you never flub up then you're probably not doing anything!!!

learn from doing

This response submitted by John C. on 12/7/1998. ( )

I really don't have anything againest some one trying to learn to do taxidermy. There is enough work out there for everyone. What I do have a problem with is when someone says they are good enough and they dont need to go to seminars and shows because they know hhow to mount animals.

I did that for a while ten years to be exact. Man did I miss out on a lot, not to mention the friends you make. I dont get to many shows, right now I do have plans for several.

With the new glues that have come out, eyes, ear liners. Doing a good mount has become easier than ever.


Istill put out good looking birds but not true show quality. But they look better than most same with fish and deer. I have honestly never seen a deer mount that looked like the deer, fish and birds are the same. Many get close, but noone is perfect. Thanks John C.

I agree with you on that

This response submitted by Cary on 12/7/1998. ( )

You're right about the seminars, I joined my state taxidermy assoc. when i got started and it was the best thing i could have ever done. Watching the instructors and talking with the other taxidermist has showed me alot, and i still have a long way to go. As for show quality work, I'm not even close but i still enter the competition so i can talk with the judges and let them tell me what i need to improve on. That reminds me of a question i have but i better go to the correct forum so nobody rips my head off.

Gun Shy!!!

This response submitted by Bob c on 12/7/1998. ( )

Cary, whats the problem , a little gun shy? Sometimes its fun to get some one fired up in here it really bring this forum to life!

I have been stomped

This response submitted by John C. on 12/7/1998. ( )

I have been stomped in competitions and won more than a few.

But what I really feel is that if you are going to take money for a mount of any kind you should have enough respect for the animal if not the person that harvested it, to do it right.

Another thing I have learned is people will lie to you about bringing in thier work and like in my case, they will say "oh his dad insisted that I let the haxidermist do the work."

My response usually is " If its your head and you are paying for it, How can so &so tell you to let the boy do your work."

Well I ain't there home town boy and dont give a rip. BUt I will show them what to look for in my mounts. YOUS GETS WHATS YOUS PAYES FUR. JOHN C.

Leave it to JC!!!

This response submitted by Rusty on 12/8/1998. ( )

Folks, if you aren't doing all you can to educate the public and bring more work into your shop the you are doing yourself and the customer a disservice. If your work is better than others, if the competition in your area refuses to advance and you want to increase your prices and clientele then you had better point out things to potential customers about what is and is not good quality work. John... I like the attitude that you exhibit and I ant you to carry it over here!! That's my two cents worth!!

Hitting The Nail On The Head!!!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 12/8/1998. ( )

Hey everyone,

John C. hit close to home for me when he wrote he ain't their hometown boy so he don't give a rip! That is the problem I have here with more of the local yahoo deer-hunters than I care to shake a stick at!!

There really is some sort of resentment that I'm not from "these parts", and that crap has raised it's inbred head on several occasions.

For example, after meeting with some yokel and establishing that I charge what I charge because I'm a professional trying to make a living and this is a professional's fee, I've actually had remarks like: "Oh well I just think I'll haul it on down to ------- and let him stuff this thing - he's a good-ol'-boy and he'll do a fair job too."

I usually respond by telling them straight up: "That's a good idea, you go do that." Why? Because I really don't want to waste my time trying to deal with morons like that. I DON'T NEED their business. Most of those clowns suffer from what I call "antler-envy" - "My bucks bigger than yours", that kind of thing.

I have built a "client-based" business. As it was said earlier, a client is someone who pays, not just big-bucks, but plain and simple - PAYS!

Around here in the "Schmuck-Eye State, haxidermists are a dime-a-dozen. There are plenty who are willing to "learn" (that's laughable) on someone's deer head, and even more schmucks who are willing to let them (now I'm splitting my sides). All to save a few bucks!!

And they want to learn by "doing". Without the benefit of even the most basic knowledge - like reading a book on the subject, never mind sitting through a video presentation! You know, they really don't need ANY help at all. "This stuff is easy!" Right?

When I deal with a client who is willing to come in and listen to what I have to say, and believe it or not they ARE out-there, my game-plan involves nothing more than selling myself to them.

This involves detailed explanations of the work that I do, and the work I can do for them. I NEVER let the competition's work even enter the conversation.

If the client asks what I think of so-and-so's work, I reply: I've never seen their work enough to form an opinion - now let me show you the depth of this nostril...", or whatever.

Never let your cometition control the discussion. Always make the conversation about what YOU CAN DO FOR THE CLIENT! Compare your work to the works of Nature - that being the barometer of high quality.

Never compare your work to someone else's. That looks like you're trying to justify yourself and your work.

If the client persists in wanting to discuss the "other guy", just politely tell them you would prefer not to, and move the conversation along. You'd rather show them what makes YOUR work an exacting and faithful replication of the living animal. They'll soon forget the "other guy" by simply NOT talking about him!

You're not trying to convince them that you're the greatest thing since sliced bread, but that your work is extremely well-done in it's execution and presentation.

Sell yourself and your work. That's all you need to do. Have the highest quality mounts you produce on display, and produce those for the client.

With that, you won't need to "corner the market" by taking in everthing that is shot. You'll have the higher-end clients paying you a higher fee, without being flooded in work that might go unappreciated by the uninitiated.

The ball is always in your court, to do what you will with it. It's your choice, NOT your competition's! Good luck to all... John B.

I couldnt disagree with any of you !

This response submitted by Bill on 12/8/1998. ( )

That was a pretty good exchangs all around!JC is right, you cant expect to do 'show pieces' for the client, unless thats what you sell him. But the type of guy he speaks of doesnt even do 'assembly line' quality. We've got guys like that around here, too John. Too many local guys here read this so I cant elaborate, but I can tell you he calls his clients 'suckers'. And I guess they are, because his work is not good, yet they pay for it. JB is in a funny situation, in amish country. Those people will still do a head for $125, ask John, he'll tell you! But I still get work from Ohio, you kinda have to kneel down with them and draw a stick in the dirt with them, so to speak. Kinda like learning the language. John and I are both city boys, his was the big city but I think mine is #2. John, Buffalo? Anyway, if a guy in my area really under prices the rest, if a guy wont pay my price I suggest the low guy. He'll either raise his price to stay alive with too much work or go out of business because of it. And the customer learns after a bad mount. I always say that the poor quality guy (not to be confused with the honest but beginning guy) is just a stepping stone to me, the client will soon see the difference.

Only the "Electric Amish"!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 12/9/1998. ( )

The title refers to a band heard on the "Bob and Tom" morning radio program. Funny stuff.

Anyway, here in Sowthwestern Ohio is not really "Amish-Country", they live mostly in the northern regions of the state. By me it's more like "yahoo-country". Yahoos also charge "poverty-rates" for deer mounts(?).

Seriously, I can't begin to tell you how many times I would get asked to give these clowns a break! I would then ask them: "Will you take a cut in pay at your over-paid position at GM?", and they'd usually respond with something like: "Well no, and besides it's not the same thing".

Such is the reason I decided to give these fools over to their like-minded fool taxidermists.

With my photography and sculpting (mannikins and bronzes), and a VERY supportive wife, I can afford to unload the vast majority of these human wastelands in favor of a more appreciative audience. Those being the Safari Club members that lay-out the big money to hunt Africa, and care about quality.

I also have kept a handful of "regular" deer hunter/clients who understand quality as well, and appreciate it.

On the other front, the "big city" thing. Remember Bill, I'm not just from a big city, I'm from "the" big city - New York, and now living here in Ohio.

MANY of these peckerwoods just could not abide that fact! At least you're in the same state.

The resentment-level here was unbeleivable for a long time. And if I run in to just the "right" individual moron, they catch-on to the accent (yes it's still there, thank god), and automatically take a dislike to me. To which I promptly reciprocate!

Am I bitter? Nope! I could give a rat's little-ass!! That's why I've reoriented my business toward a new direction, and a new future goal.

Like I say, it's great to be able to do that. Good luck to all... John-"don't give a rat's ass" B.

Great exchange people

This response submitted by John C on 12/9/1998. ( )

Just came back from the shop, it is across from the local yocal cafe, The corner guy was up having coffee with the boys. What makes this funny is to hear him talk about them, behind thier back, and about how bad the cafe is. But now that Kansas deer season is in full swing his doing a magor amount of sucking up.

I almost offered to do a deerhead for nothing, for the girl that owns the cafe (the head will hang in it). But knowing it would cause harder feelings in this little inbred village I thought why waste my time.

I do find it funny to watch oyher so called taxidermist and how they gaurd the game check points, and coffee shops, why because they know thier work is inferior.

I recently put up a small display in a town far, far away (right Rusty) and the shop owner moved thier cousins work to the back of the shop. My stuff is over the cash registar.

We plan on putting up a few more heads in the area along with fish and birds.

We dont wont to get all the work, we could not do all the work if we did get it.

What we are looking at is the fact everyone else is giving thier work AWAY.

We are planning and accessing business goal, both short range and long range, making contingincy (spelling) plans and even have back plans (Something I learned in the army)

How many people would want 300 fish and 100 ducks to do. The work is out there, I can go get it tomorrow, and once the deerheads are knocked out I will.

We hope to bring a new state of mind to a area where there are several taxidermist giving thier time away. We all know time is money, now think of it as time is LIFE, your LIFE and it may be shorter than you think!!!!! How much of your life do you want to spend working your A$$ off for starvation wages??

You can set on your but and starve to death, or do good work and take your family to DISNEY WORLD.

How many times has your family wanted to do something and You needed to stay homew to work on a deer or fish or bird??? What in your childrens life have you missed or will miss because of taxidermy? and then you want to do it for less than minumim wage? Not his Bubba.

Your time on earth may or may not be short. So learn to do TAXIDERMY correctly and do it to the best of your ability and then get better. Make a great living with it.


This is FUN!!!

This response submitted by Rusty on 12/9/1998. ( )

John is entirely correct on several points. The display that he was referring to earlier is done by the propieters cousin. Now it's in the back! People do notice good work and have been learning to appreciate it! This area is ripe for a decent taxidermist and until now haven't had the time. With an infusion of new blood the area's education will begin. Hoping to see you soon, JC!!

Taxidermists are'nt the only ones that read this!!

This response submitted by Bob C on 12/11/1998. ( )

Hey Guys, Did you ever stop to think that Taxidermists are not the only people on the internet.You guys talk like your neighbors would never read this.John C., whats gonna happen when someone in your "little inbred village" reads this.Yea , customers frustrate me too, but all it takes is one guy to read this and he tells his buddys,and then the other "so called taxidermists" are gonna get all the work.Not because their work is better than yours ,but because you violated the locals trust.You know, some people are hicks when you treat them as one. Just something to think about. Bob C

you know, Bob is right

This response submitted by Bill on 12/12/1998. ( )

you guys make some valid points but listen to what Bobby said. I get a couple of phone calls as well as an e-mail or two EACH WEEK from locals who comment in regards to this forum. My customers may not know taxidermy but they're not idiots either. Oh, and about the acceptance thing. I come from south Buffalo, which is called the rust belt, inner city, walk to school, etc. Now my buddies where I live think I'm a hick (like Bob C. is) But I can tell you, when people meet me from other states and I tell them I live in NY State, they assume I live in NYCity, and that me and Letterman are buds, so thats a tough stereotype to shake. All in all, try to look at your perspective customers-to-be in a way that you, too would like to be looked at, it does work. Bob C, am I correct? You've seen...

Siad it beautifully!!!

This response submitted by Bob C on 12/12/1998. ( ******* )

Bill, You wrapped that up very well! Couldn't have said it(or spelled it) better myself. Bob


This response submitted by BUCKEYE on 1/5/1999. ( )

You folks watch your conversations, some of your potential clients also have access to these sites. I know thats a repeat of above, just had to have my say. By the way, J.B. if you dont like us hick deerhunters,HIT THE ROAD. Be honest with yourself and your fellow taxidermists about amount of work you do or rather dont do for customers.

Cary on 12/6

This response submitted by mike on 2/4/1999. ( )

I agree totally with you i am tired of listening to all the old timers who could put out whatever they wanted b cause they had no competition. now times have changed and there are alot more people doing taxidermy and you know why?all of the supply companies are out there pushing thier products and alot more people are learning its not really that difficult to do but they find out its difficult to be good.then all the old timers want to do is raise hell about having thier throats cut when hey we all gotta start someplace.most of the supply companies are the ones doing this to the taxidermists and creating more competition which is doing what it is designed to do and the reason this is a free country it keeps prices down. thank you all for the excellent feedback and sharing.

name calling????

This response submitted by ex client on 2/14/1999. ( )

I have never said anything in here until I seen all these comments.
I can't believe you would call the people in your town inbred. It is
easy from your attitude to see why you sound so bitter. Maybe there is
a reason for that. Trying to impress people by listing how many organizations
you belong to on your web pages (which I have looked at) does not impress
anyone. It simply means you had enough bucks to pay the dues. Lets keep it
about taxidermy and not about patting ones self on the back while insylting
others. Just an opinion and I know I'm not alone. Try being nice and remember
nobody likes a bragger. They will talk behind your back like you have done to them
on here....

Changing the subject, talking about Taxidermy

This response submitted by Ron Mc on 10/7/99. ( )

Looking for any extra warm water fish mounting work. Taxidermist for the past 12yrs., quality work.

Changing the subject, talking about Taxidermy

This response submitted by Ron Mc on 10/7/99. ( )

Looking for any extra warm water fish mounting work. Taxidermist for the past 12yrs., quality work.

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