Submitted by Rerun on 11/28/1998.

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Ok guys, I have read on several places on the www. about prices. Are taxidermist dumba$$es or what? Why dont you guys charge enough for your work, a plumber will, your mechanic will and yet TAXIDERMIST dont. WHY NOT?????? Ok some of you should not even be doing taxidermy or are learning on my deerhead? If your learning tell me up frony before you screw it up, I will not pay for JUNK any more, I will get a lawyer and hang you out to dry. I see some great work out there as I am learning what good work should look like. But dont try to pass junk off on me the customer anymore. RERUN

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Are YOU Willing to Pay?

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 11/28/1998.

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First: Use your real name - check out the rules of the forum. ESPECIALLY if you take an insulting or threatening tone. Be a man and identify yourself.

Often times we professionals are strangled on setting a livable fee on our work, by the namby-pamby cry-baby "sportsman" out there, who can't understand - "why it has to cost so much".

You'll spend god knows how much on just the right gun or archery outfit, the right boots, clothes, vehicle, and so on; then bitch to high heavens on the fact that it will cost you $395.00 or more to have that deer that "it took me years to finally get - blah, blah, blah" professionally mounted.

So you have to ask yourself, Mr. Deerhunter, are YOU REALLY WILLING to pay a professional a livable wage (fee) to have that trophy properly mounted to last a lifetime, and to stay looking good?

Or will you in turn, bitch and moan and groan about the price, and in the end say something stupid like: "Boy, have you EVER seen a rack that big in your life!" To which I'll reply, "Yep, and I've seen them bigger to boot!!" (What I call - "antler-envy")

You see, it cuts both ways. So if you're really serious about paying more, then find a professional, check out the work he/she does beforehand, then make YOUR decision.

Remember, some of us out here do quality work, at higher prices. "If you pay it, we will charge it" is the best reasoning I can come up with for some guys not charging enough. Besides their skill level.

That's it, I've said my piece.

So you really wanna pay?

This response submitted by Dave on 11/28/1998.

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So we should charge like the plumbers and mechanics, huh? Considering the average mechanic charges $45 to $55 an hour shop time and parts are marked up 15% that should make the average deer shoulder mount go for around $1500.

John B. use your real name, didn't you die from drugs.

This response submitted by James S. Rerun on 11/28/1998.

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So Dave you say you are putting what 18-20 hours into every deerhead, Thats B.S. and only the most stupid hunter will beleive that. I have read the post and it seems about eight hours is the average time. So What about six hundred and fifty dollars should be about right, eh? So who are the cutthroats charging two hundred twenty five dollars, and why don't you guys get the crappy taxidermist tossed out of the industry, is there not some way to police the ranks? WWhat does your National Taxidermist Assoc. really do for you then? AAnd yes my name is Rerun JOHN B. What of it????

hey rerun,cool off

This response submitted by Bill on 11/29/1998.

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Its really very simple. When the toilet leaks and youre standing in your own &^%$ you pay the plumbers going rate(which, by the way, varies as much as us dumbass taxidermists) The taxidermists product isnt usually a neccessity, therefore, something that the sportsman seems to want to price shop for. As you just said, you are starting to see some good work out there. You have the luxury of a learning curve, give the so-so taxidermist the same courtesy. Look at the work and pay or shop accordingly. I have to laugh at you, as you bitch about people mis-representing themselves and you turn around and fire the lawyer thing at us. Talk about some one who uses up your money and gives you back nothing! I would love to see a lawyer try to go after me about the quality of my work(if it WERE that bad) That wouldnt stand up even in our lousy justice system! News flash!!! One half hour taking in a customer head.40 minutes to cape, split, salt flesh and prepare for tannery. Who knows how much time packing, sending and paperwork, divided by the number of capes you have. Sizing, ordering forms,and fitting them. Actual mounting is easily 4 to 12 hours depending on speed and quality,remember, you wanted a good job. Add an hour or so for finish work, add overhead,advertising, etc, and you wont pay the figure that I come up with. Oh and Rerun it's up to YOU and your knowledge of taxidermy and business practises to police the industry. You pay and support the crappy ones and they stay in business, simple as that. Let me give you some good sound advice, in closing. If you would like to contribute to this forum in the future, please exercise some tact and try not to be as negative as you were, we already have that mentallity here among us without your addition. If you have a bitch with a taxidermist, take it up with him and ask yourself the same questions. Oh, I think I remember you from that old TV series. And take that as humor, ease up a bit, its more fun that way. Besides, if you write back and holler at ME then Ken will just pull your submission anyway.

Just my 2 cents worth . . .

This response submitted by Jerry on 11/29/1998.

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First of all, Mr. Rerun . . . if you had done any research at all concerning the taxidermy industry you would have known that not only is "John Bellucci" his real name, but his taxidermy work is some of the best in the country. (No, I am NOT "sucking up" - it is a fact!). Second of all, I started to fire up my soapbox concerning your shotgunning of a very nasty attitude but then I realized that 1) probably nothing I say will change your mind, 2) I have enough clients with a pleasant attitude to sustain me; therefore I really don't care about your attitude and wouldn't have you for a client anyway and 3) I am reminded of an old saying that stands true today - "Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it!" Good day sir and good luck on all fuure endeavors! Jerry

I hate to say it!!!

This response submitted by Bob C on 11/29/1998.

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Guys, I hate to say it but that was the best response I've ever seen Bill write!!!!Yox said it best when he said its up to the sportsman to police the taxidermy industry.If a guy does bad work DONT BRING HIM ANY MORE!!! Tell your hunting partners.When the guy doesn't have anymore work , you've done your job.I'd love to get 650.00 for a deer head.But unfortunatly I live in an economicly depressed area. All of our big industry has left because of high NY taxes and electric rates. The average job in my part of NY pays a little over minimum wage. I have to price my work accordingly or I would be out of business. It sounds to my like this Rerun fella would never be satisfied with anything.Im sorry he has to take it out on the entire taxidermy industry because of one bad apple.And to any sportsmen out there reading this, do as John said earlier. Go look at the guys work. Spend as much time picking a taxidermist as you did buying your gun or your bow!!! Bob C

Take a hike

This response submitted by Perry Klein on 11/29/1998.

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hey RERUN, What my RESPECTED colleagues above have told you is true. It is obvious you know very little about business, and even less about taxidermy. 8 hrs is an average based on a small sample. I put a minimum of 12 hrs into each deer head. I also use components and to "Extra" small things which add great detail to my commercial mounts. $650, wouldn't cover my time and materials In my geographic region of the country, at $500, I would mount 1 deer head every 5 years. I do taxidermy part-time, I enjoy the work. I try and charge a little more that the other local taxidermists, especially the full timers who have to make a living at it. I don't loose money on my heads, and I certainly don't get rich. In closing, I would like to say, I have a great customer base. They are great people with whom I share a mutual respect. I don't need you or your business, in fact, If I find your ass on my property, I'll have you arrested for defiant tresspass. Consider yourself persona non grata.

Sorry but one more thing to say

This response submitted by Bob C on 11/29/1998.

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You know the more I thought about Reruns letter the more I had to write this.Everybody wants to compare use to plumbers and mechanics.Ok lets do it. Acouple of years ago my well wasn't working.So who do I call ? Yup, a plumber. Well he tells me I need a new submersable pump.A very expensive undertaking.I dont normaly call on friends for help(you know how many "friends pop up during deer season"But I called a plumber friend of mine for some advise.He told me how to check the relay switch,which I did.Low and behold , that was the problem.An $8 part and 10 min to put it in. You know why I didn't get BURNED ? Because I took the time to do a little research.I cant tell you how many times that has happened with my truck(s)But I dont get burned.If I'm going to spend a good deal of money for something ,you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to check it out first. Should I hate all plumbers and mechanics because of these problems? Of course not.There are some crooks in any profession, and its our job as consumers to weed them out! Thanks for putting up with me this last time. Bob C


This response submitted by perry on 11/29/1998.

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Bob, You are soooo right. Guess we taxidermists ain't so dumb. PS so is Bill Yox

Thank You "Cavalry!"

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 11/29/1998.

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I want to thank each and every member of the forum "cavalry" for coming into battle BEFORE I opened my big mouth and turned this thing really ugly! (Unfortunately we all know how capable I am of that!)

Thank you Bill, Bob, and Jerry, for your support. I don't know what or who soured this fellow so bad, but taking it out on all taxidermists - artists - was totally unfair.

Again, thanks to you all who jumped into the fray, taking some of the heat from me. Thank you!!!! John B. (By the way, between me and the late comedian - I'm the smart one, you know, the one who DIDN'T overdose! Check the name spelling.)

Hey all.

This response submitted by John C. on 11/29/1998.

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I would like to apoligize for James posting on here. He is my x-brother-in-law, and a very good business man, having developed several business into successfull goings on and has made money seeling them.(

)While he is rude, he has been burned by a few bad taxidermist. Guess thats why he drove 15 hours to bring my some work.(

) Anyway he did us this computer to post it once again sorry< and yes I charge the crap out of him for his mounts. He just is very biased. Thanks John C. P.S. I was at the shop whhen he was on here.

Big John

This response submitted by Bill on 11/30/1998.

( you guys know it... )

Hey JC, you and me know each other, right? I mean, we can talk and kinda say it straight, right? Well...what the heck do you put in your coffee? I really dont know what you mean sometimes!!! Actually, I think I do then I dont. Dont be mad, just laugh with me on this one, but then explain it for me because evidently I'm alittle dense,know what I mean? Let's still be buddies, no hard feelings, but help me out on this one.

Don't knock mechanics

This response submitted by Rick on 11/30/1998.

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Hey Y'all, don't go knocking mechanics too now! I'm a full time mechanic for a very well known dodge dealership and do very well, (without ripping people off). Taxidermy is my hobby and I give it just as much respect as I do my mechanic work. Now I know that John B., Bill Yox, and all the other greats didn't start off knowing how to mount something perfect the first time. Like everyone else, you learn over time. You have to start somewhere.

I knock mechanics...

This response submitted by Bill on 12/1/1998.

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...if they rip people off! A good mechanic is worth his weight in gold! I think I remember telling you once about sticking with your tools and doing taxidermy to supplement, wasnt that you, Rick? We werent knocking the good ones...Oh, by the way, youre right, we werent ALWAYS decent taxidermists, we DID start out somewhere. We were all...mechanics!!! Only foolin' with ya. Actually, Bob C was an english teacher before taxidermy... In all seriousness Rick, hope we can get a chuckle out of you every now and then,OK? Later, Bill.

Too Bad

This response submitted by mike custom creations taxidermy on 2/4/1999. ( )

if a person spends money on something and doesnt shop around and check quality and price who's fault is it ?is the fault on the guy who took youre money b cause you dont have any common sense?lol its a very simple answer.

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