It happened finally, big money!

Submitted by John C. on 12/10/1998. ( )

Yesterday I had a couple come into the shop, I was packing, cleanin, tossing away stuff (ha). Well they looked around annd ask why the difference in QUALITY of some heads,(duh, talk about stunned) Well I explained most people dont have the money to invest in good QUALITY work, I did show then the new Joe Coombs EYES. They ask how much extra for the good mount I told them. $650.00, "WOW, thats over double the normal price." they responded. Well we talked about thirty minutes and they went to the car a came back with a head for me to mount.Paid up front too. Kinda nice guys and gals. The hide is salted, materials on the way. I will tan and mount it this weekend. I also explained my situation and any way they have more work for me, and people this is John Bellucci prices (smile J.B.)maybe higher.

Has any one ever done a quail for $225.00. I sold six for that each to these people.

Quality pays you great. Take care got go work on the hide. John C.

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This response submitted by Perry Klein on 12/10/1998. ( )

John Way to go!! The low price glacier is starting to break up in my area as well. We have two guys fighting for the bottom end work at 220 and 245 a head. there are at least 4 others( Myself included) who will be getting 300 or better for our commercial heads next year, 2 of the 4 are at that already. Hopefully everyone else will wake up and follow suit. I have also heard of one taxidermist about 20 miles north of me who is getting 400 per head. I'd like to make the jump to 400, but people around here need time to recooperate from the sticker shock. 5 yrs ago, they could get head mounts for between 150 and 200. I have also heard of a few guys getting 200 and 400 for squirrel mounts.

Gentlemen, I'm Smiling From Ear To Ear!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 12/10/1998. ( )

Well John, I am smiling that smile we all can smile when our beliefs have been vindicated!

Congratulations to you my-man!

Oh Perry, I'm one of those guys that pull-in $375.00 for squirrel mounts. I don't do dozens and dozens of them, but that frees up my time to go out on photography assignments, or work on sculpting my latest mannikin(s).

Keep up the heat on that price glacier guys. The melt-down is gonna be a big one! We just may get taken seriously after all!! Take care... John B.

High 5 John

This response submitted by Rusty on 12/11/1998. ( )

Good deal john!!! It's nice to see that you have been noticed by folks for your attitude and workmanship! Can't wait for you to get some of these hicks straightened out!!..HAHA!!! Rusty

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