Wanted: Pet taxidermist to immortalize my cat

Submitted by R Mallach on 12/2/1998.

( mallach@prodigy.net )

Wanted: Pet taxidermist to immortalize my cat I need help soon - my domestic tabby is dying of cancer. Saw vet today & he gives her less than a month. I would really like to have her preserved either in a sleeping oval position, if that's not possible, then I'd like her skeleton mounted like a museum piece - like the dinosaurs you see at museums. I live in Miami, Florida. Can someone please, please help me soon? R. Mallach emails: mallach@prodigy.net RMallach@rocketmail.com

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This response submitted by Rusty on 12/3/1998.

( grpritchard@hotmail.com )

Sorry to hear about your pet!! As far as the mounting process I would recommend a reputable freeze dryer for your tabby!! If you need any further info let me know!

please don't freeze dry it!

This response submitted by deer woman on 12/11/1998. ( )

I do not recomend freezdrying for dogs and cats due to enormous fat content most of these animals carry on their bodies-fat does not freeze dry like flesh does-fat stays as fat and may ooze out and grease up the skin, cause odor or attract insects.The humidity in FL would really accelerate this .I own a freeze dryer and have experimented with fat-it does not trully dry.Personally a cat should be done conventionally with carcass casting and a tanned hide to put over that mannikin.

Deer woman is all wet!

This response submitted by Rusty on 12/11/1998. ( grpritchard@hotmail.com )

Freezedrying a pet is NO PROBLEM!!! If prepped properly the fat is removed anyway during the prep and washing phase. I have several High fat animals that have NO grease bleed and they are all nice animals!! Wake up lady!

ok rusty tell me how to prep them

This response submitted by deerwoman on 12/17/1998. ( )

please share the technique-willing to learn it

Be Nice Now!!!!!!!!

This response submitted by Cody on 2/9/1999. ( csatterl@dia.net )

Let's all be nice! This Forum is here to be helpful not to get outraged by someone else. As for you Mr. Malluch, I think you should take you cat to a taxidermist and ask him or her what there opinion is about it. I am not sure myself, but it might be better if it is mounted like everything else us taxidermists do. A cat isn't any diferent than anything alse. From a mouse to a moose, they all I personally think they should be done like everything else. Hope you have good luck with your cat! Cody

okay guys, heres some info.

This response submitted by Perry on 2/18/1999. ( pgk@ncentral.com )

Pets can be done conventionally, the problem is that the pet owner
has spent years with the animal and knows every little quirk and mannerism.
how the ears cocked, how it slept a certain way, facial expressions etc.
we as taxidermists haven't got a clue about those important details. Photo's
may help, but how many customers tote good referece photo's around?
Freeze drying allows some flexibility in that before cat is placed in
the dryer, it can be previewed by the owner. if something is not right--
and ear needs moved, or the tail bent, or a complete change in pose, the
pet can be thawed and reposed to the customers liking. once everything is
in place, and ok with customer, the pet goes to the dryer. As for the
fat/grease problem. It makes no difference wheither you are talking about
cats or squirrels. they all have fat. I partially skin the animal to
get to those problem areas and remove the fat from the skin and muscle
tissue. In the case of mink,and the likes, i may even remove the musk
glands. with the problem areas opened up, you can wash them up good with
a degreaser and proceed with mounting. As for grease spots in older mounts,
they can be cleaned up by using methenal. I have never had to do this yet, but
I have talked to others who have had older pieces not done properly brought to
them, and have had good results in cleaning and redrying those problem
pieces. I have even dried small woodchucks.

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