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Submitted by Keith Daniels on 12/16/1998. ( )

Hey all you guys answering questions. You know it's great that everyone is taking their valuable time to help out, but I saw something again, this time in the beginners forum, that really bothers me. People are writing in and asking questions, and they're getting BLASTED, for their spelling and punctuation!

You know, I hated English class in school, never took typing, but I try to do the best I can. Now, I really doubt if any one is intentionally submiting responses with bad spelling and improper punctuation. Yes I realise it's much harder to read, but it's far from impossible, and it's certainly not reason to ridicule.

Many of these are names that seem new, at least to me, and I honestly feel sorry for them when I see this happen. Some people are pretty shy, and it takes a lot for them to work up the nerve to ask questions, then to get blasted for it has really got to hurt.

Please keep in mind this is not English Forum, it's Taxidermy Forum, so lay off these guys a little, not everyone was a straight A student, possibly what you see is the best of their abilities.

As for me personally, blast away, I'm sure I made a few goofs here.


P. S. I just changed the way I spelled beginner, I sure hope Ken spelled it right in the categories.

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Here Here!!

This response submitted by Cary on 12/16/1998. ( )

Couldn't agree with you more!!!

Keith, Ditto all the way.

This response submitted by John C. on 12/16/1998. ( )

I can write or type for sqaut and my spelling is poor too. I think I am a half decent taxidermist, with a lot of knowledge to share.

I did not have to study english or typing and everyone here knows my spelling sucks.

But get me in a boxing ring with some gloves and/or some foot gear and we can have some fun.

This ain't english class, this be taxidermy, you got something to share, lets get it on here.

Also if some great english scholar will copy all my messeges and red ink the mistakes and mail them to me. Maybe I will get better with the grammar.

Thanks. But you must explain why and how the correct the mistakes.

Mail the corrections to John Creager, 614 Main St. Dwight, KS 66849

I Agree, but...

This response submitted by John on 12/16/1998. ( )

Hi Kieth,

I agree that people responding on this forum should not blast people for spelling errors. But, I honestly can't remember a posting where that actually happened. The only blasting(s) I can recall are when somebody slams somebody else and posts it anonymously (sp?). Am I wrong? John P.S. It doesn't hurt to proofread your message before submitting, as Ken suggests below this window I'm typing in. I know that if I didn't there would have have been at least 4 typos in this response. (I'm a hunt and pecker!)

well, here goes

This response submitted by Bill on 12/16/1998. ( )

I feel partially to blame here. I answered a question that got another guy started on a fellow today. Thats what Keith is referring to...this time. I also know he means all the other ones, too. How I feel I enter the mix is that I joke around about how bad Bob C is...and now that you mention it, John C, too. But I know these guys very well, and know that they know that I'm having fun at thier and my expense. But, unfortunately, I think I've started something thats being carried on too far. While it does amaze me how bad the spelling is, thats not the point. Just had to add that, ha ha. Like I said in the above mentioned posting, we may be talking to a guy whose spelling sucks or possibly a 13 yr old who should be able to spell, but is STILL learning. Why not be flattered that he come to US for advice and give it to him without the "extras". At the same time, as we always say, inflections and meaning is not easy to type into the words we read. Keep a good sense of humor along side the computer and use it if you arent sure of a comment. It may not have meant to be that nasty as it sounded. Just another wake-up call for ALL of us, thank-you, Kieth, regards, Bill.

Thank You

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 12/17/1998. ( )

I appreciate all your comments. Things such as Bill jabbing Bob, or any one who is more or less a regular here, that's all in problem with that. Keith

Hay Guys Phire Away

This response submitted by Bob C on 12/17/1998. ( )

Hey guys if you need to fire away at some one start shooting.I know I cant spell for Poop.But like Keith said this isn't an english forum.I dont mind the shots at all . I know they're all in good fun (I hope)Something else you guys hav got to realize is that not all of us are adults on here.There are some younger folks that use this forum. I've been Emailing a very pleasant 15 yr old trying to learn taxidermy on his own.Thats intimidating buy its self. Now add the pressure from some of the comments and you might just scare him away.I see Jim apologized so lets let it be. Take your shots at the guys who take it well.And someone please do me a favor , take some shots at Yoxy.That S.O.B. never leaves himself open,or at least I dont see it. PS: Keith, Great letter!!!!

My letters must be art work.

This response submitted by John C. on 12/17/1998. ( )

I really thry to poorf raed my lteters, I just ccnat sea tthey mustakes. Mayby in my nuxt life I cun tack some englrish classses eh?
Und the tpying to. Think ye John Ssea.

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