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Submitted by Jerry on 12/18/1998. ( )

Hey gang! I don't know why I never brought this up before but if you are a taxidermist, you NEED to be a scorer for the Records of Exotics. They've been keeping scores of exotic game (those game animals not indigenous to the US) since 1976 and are widely accepted.

I manage their website (and yes, it needs updating!) but you can go there and download a scorer's application to mail in for your scorer's certificate and you can also download the entire scoring manual.

I'm still working on getting all the scoresheets on-line so you can just download what you need. There's no class to attend (how hard is it to read a manual and use a tape measure?) and it doesn't cost you a thing!

Best of all, for every mount you score that the customer enters into the ROE book, you get paid $5.00. ROE will welcome you as a scorer to help them out, plus you can put a little $ in your pocket!

The page is at: Thanks! Jerry

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