With the situation at hand.

Submitted by John C. on 12/17/1998. ( )

We since I will be change my current situation shortly, I am making sure the corner haxidermist gets plenty of work. (haha) His mom was bragging about the deer he has taken in this year. Well at $200.00 what do you expect. Anyway I have been sending him a lot of customers that did not want to pay much. His boss is getting upset as they keep dropping in on him at work. (this is a small place in nowwhere Kansas)

I may be just a little deveiuos, mean , nasty, sent 4 guys his way today, well ole boy is in over his head.

I also ask his wife how it was going, she bragged about all the work he had.

I simlpy replied "I hope he doesnot forget what the kids look like, maybe he will remember you on mothers day too." Then I grinned sheepishly. She replied, "How is he going to get all this work done?" "He will not." anyway mess with the best dy like the rest. Over 100 deerheads at $100.00 less see, I just dont see that overtime pay check for him. Also this spring when the farmers start planting and he has to spray the soy beans and other crops. Oh well :) John C.

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i got one better

This response submitted by Morris Mathews on 12/19/1998. ( A-1 Taxiderm.com )

I got one better than your guy, Igot a guy here near me and i have his price list in my hand ,this guy does 100 + deer heads a yr. Let me read a few of his prices, game heads/ deer $ 165.00,bear $150.00 to 175,00,wild boar 175.00 thats some here is some of his lifesize fox 135.00 ,coyote 175.00 all fish 5.00 a inch .the sad part is 80% of the racks he has to mount are very big or record book bucks! Here in my area most of the guys are looking for cheapest price and fastes turn around that it. Iget 3or 4 guys a yr. that comes by to look at work. morris

Dont worry guys

This response submitted by derek on 12/20/1998. ( bowkids@pacbell.net )

First of all let me get something straight I am not a taxidermist, I will be trying to mount several of my own bucks when I get the capes back from the tannery. I visit this site so that I can learn as much as possible without making mistakes the first time. I have been learning way too much just reading some of the posts. My experience from a coustomers point of view is you get what you pay for. All of these guys that are letting this corner scab mount their heads will be in your shop next season looking for a taxidermist, not a scab. The difference between a good mount and these corner scabs is noticable to just about anyone that is not legaly blind. I have a hard time believing that people take their heads to him year after year. Do they? It just seems to me that eventually these bargain hunters will respect your work and realize that good mounts dont come cheap, and they shouldnt. This is only my opinion and I could be wrong but I realy feel that when these guys look at their heads on the wall they cant honestly think that they have a great mount that they are proud to display in their home.

right on

This response submitted by Bill on 12/21/1998. ( )

Derek, it's funny listening to one of these guys rationalize as to why he goes to the cheap shop. They come on as the know-it-alls, of course. I'm amazed that I look dumb enough for them to think that they can bullship me the way they try to bullship...themselves! Incredible! The cheap shop is just a stepping stone to a good taxidermist when the fella gets educated. But there are so many of those type of customer, the horses ass, that I'd rather see go to the cheap shop so as not to fill up my list before a good customer gets his deer and chooses me. It does work out OK, as long as you bring up your end of the deal and give the best quality of work possible. I know a local taxidermist who always worked with the idea that the guys dont care what it looks like, just get them out quick. It worked for him, of course. He told me I'd never make it in taxidermy...that was about '87. So much for crystal balls...

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