Hey guys, pay attention...

Submitted by Bill on 12/21/1998. ( yoxtax@aol.com )

...I don't usually send out Xmas cards so this is it! To all the folks that ask and/or answer on this forum, to all who are responsible for it's being here, to all who read this forum that I may have met at the shows, to all the people I may have helped, lied to, or pissed off on this forum, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and your children are happy on Friday morning and every morning for that matter, and if you're driving over the holiday, don't drink. If I find out you drink and drive, I'll go get Bob C. and we'll hunt you down like dogs. In all seriousness, have a great holiday. Sincerely, the Yox family, Bill, Mary, and Veronica, Sterling, Violet and Emil. Peace.

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Sounds good to me........

This response submitted by Fred Davis on 12/21/1998. ( fdavis@chickasaw.com )

I would also like to follow up with a (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year) to everyone.I agree with you on the drinking and driving;They definetly don't mix. Keep the key boards tapping!!!

Ditto from John C.

This response submitted by Me on 12/22/1998. ( )

AAAnd a Happy Yule to all. John C.

Merry Christmas

This response submitted by Wildlife Artistry taxidermy ..Larry C. Reese on 12/22/1998. ( larry@wildlifeartistry.com )

Merry Christmas Bill and also to the Yox Family. And to all have a nice safe Holiday...Larry

Too broke to pay attention Bill

This response submitted by Travis on 12/22/1998. ( Ltravis580@aol.com )

Merry Christmas back at ya...and all the rest of you guys. Thanks for making me feel welcomed from the first time I stepped onto this site...Wish ya all the best for the upcomming year...I`ve been living with a gal for 3 years now and she is the mother of my 2 1/2 year old son Jerry...well I broke down and bought her that darn ring she`s been bug`n me about for the last 3 years. She has pretty much past with A`s during the last three hunting seasons so I`m taking it a step further---wish me luck...Best wishes

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