Twas the night before Christmas

Submitted by Jeff Apple on 12/23/1998. ( )

Twas night before Christmas and out in the shop
I had a project underway that I just couldn't stop
The form was too big and the skin too tight
Somehow I knew this would be a helluva night...

Coughing Bob or Bill please fill in the next line...

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This response submitted by Jerry S on 12/24/1998. ( )

I checked the "net" forums
To see who knew the most
But had to wade through
the multiple posts.

JS, you got in ahead of me, but here goes

This response submitted by Bi...I mean ...Coughing Bob on 12/24/1998. ( ) instead I left the shop early and stopped by the bar, and met a cute girl by the time I stepped outta the car. After breezing about my RTV windpipe replica,you guessed right, Somehow I knew this would be a helluva night! those that dont follow this, see Bob Coughing's posting in Molding and Casting, 'can anyone help me out with mold' on 11/29.

here goes

This response submitted by gary on 12/24/1998. ( )

back in the shop,I was mixin apoxy
things weren't goin right
so I called on Yoxy
he sent me a-scrollin
the other taxidermists were rollin
and do you know he was right
there was the answer
right in plain site
Merry Christmas every body from Oregon

One more new guy

This response submitted by Bob @ Jonas Bros. on 12/24/1998. ( )

as the heads were all hung in the shop with glee.
in hopes that the customers soon would pay me.
while out in the yard there arose such a clatter.
I went outside to see what was the matter.
in walked a man in a big red suit, who said look
in my sleigh to see what I shoot. there was dancer
and prancer and all the reindeer, lying still in the back
"santa opens a beer" with the web and computers taking over my
route, i don't want to cry, and I don't want to pout, so i've turned in my sleigh, and I just want to shout.
to all a good night,.... now give me 8 shoulder mounts.


This response submitted by Keith on 12/24/1998. ( )

O. K. I give up, you guys are way too good for me! Keith

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