Submitted by Sergei on 12/25/1998. ( trout_79@hotmail.com )

Hello everybody!
I want to thank all participants of this forum for that invaluable help which you rendered to me. Unfortunately I am not able to gladden you by my art now but I think it is a business of nearest future! Now this is my DEBT!
I hope in some years I will be able to participate in World Taxidermy Championships-200?
With Christmas Greeting and all Good Wishes for the New Year!
Thank all of you!!!
Moscow - Sergei

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Merry Christmas Sergei !!!!!!!

This response submitted by Bob R on 12/25/1998. ( crrjr@innw.net )

Merry Christmas Sergei, and to you also, Valentin. Maybe someday you can teach me to mount fish !!!

Merry Xmas !!!

This response submitted by Valentin Potchekansky,BG on 12/27/1998. ( wasbg@mailcity.com )

Thanks for the salutation Bob R!
Merry Chrimas to you and to all participants on the Forums,too!
I wish you Health,Happiness and lot of Business in the next Year!

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