Hey Bob C !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Bob R on 12/25/1998. ( crrjr@innw.net )

There is a guy wanting gameheads donated for a museum in Oklahoma. Looks like the perfect chance to clean out your showroom and get rid of those heads that you could't dispose of on Ebay. You better respond quick before he gets filled up.

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Bob R

This response submitted by Bob C on 12/26/1998. ( *************** )

Hey Bob, How much S.N.O .W did you wind up getting? I hate to say this but its got to come out sooner or later.You know those heads I was trying to sell ? well the reason I'm trying to get rid of them is they make the rest of my work look real bad. You see , I was way behind on my work , so I called my best bud ,Yoxy. He said he'd do some of my deer heads for me.What a mistake ,the customers didnt want them and I couldn't even give them away.I did manage to sell the beads to a second hand jewelery store.They were worth more than the heads!! What ever you do DONT TELL Bill I told you this ,I dont want to hurt his feelings. Your buddy in NY Bob C

best bet

This response submitted by ryan on 12/26/1998. ( )

hi bob which taxidermy company do you prefer and why


This response submitted by Cary on 12/26/1998. ( )

You've done it this time! I wouldn't want to be you when Bill finds out what you wrote about him.... and he will find out cause I'm
tellin.... MOM, look what BOB said about BILL!!!!! Cary

Way To Go Bob !!!

This response submitted by Bob R on 12/26/1998. ( )

Glad to see you finally getting even, but somehow I can't help but feel there will be a price to pay for it, Ha ha! Warmed up here and the snow turned to rain yesterday. Got up to 50 today, crazy weather this year. Going cat hunting in the morning, talk to you later. Bob R

Hey Bob R!!!

This response submitted by Bob C on 12/27/1998. ( ********* )

Hey Bob, I wasn't getting even with Bill,I haven't even started yet!!!!!!!!!Shoot, you know all those articles he writes? Well he's to embarassed to use pictures of his own mounts so guess whose he uses? He's got to stop trying to hide his imperfections in his mounts by using habitat material (beads and such) you'd think the guy was from La.I guess they do add some value to the mount though. PS: Email me your phone # .The last time I talked to you I didnt ask you for it. Bob C

Bob C

This response submitted by Bob R on 12/28/1998. ( )

I just hope you and Bill are as close as you say you are! I think I'm gonna stay outta this. Later

I"ll tell you how close we are

This response submitted by Bob C on 12/28/1998. ( ********* )

Hey Bob, Bill and I are so close that I get dry preservative in my eyes when he's slapping it on the deer hides! Bob C

Bob C

This response submitted by Bob R on 12/28/1998. ( )

Bill must be away for the holidays. You better get Ken to pull the above submissions before he returns. You must be eating "Flutie Flakes" for breakfast these days. haha

OH I'm here..

This response submitted by YOX on 12/28/1998. ( )

...like a predator, waiting for the timing to be right...

UH OH, ..........

This response submitted by Bob C on 12/28/1998. ( ************* )

Looks like Cary Squealed!!!!!!

oooohhhh Bobby...

This response submitted by yoxy on 12/31/1998. ( )

...Im watching you! And Bob R, Im NOT mad at BobC, I just feel bad for him because he cant "get" me. Ask him by e-mail how I COULD get him if I wanted to. He cant say it on-line. Ha ha ha.

Yeah, I know...

This response submitted by BOB R on 12/31/1998. ( )

But he told me that he hasn't even got started yet!

I keep Trying...

This response submitted by Bob R on 12/31/1998. ( )

... to E-mail Bob C at the new address he posted above, but it keeps coming back. Guess he doesn't want anyone to know what you got on him.

you ARE joking, arent you?

This response submitted by Bill on 1/1/1999. ( )

you DO have his webtv numbers, right? He'll be GLAD to explain it to you!

Just Joking

This response submitted by Bob R on 1/1/1999. ( )

I sent him a letter Wednesday. I'll give him time to get it then I'll talk to him.

you guys...

This response submitted by Bill on 1/1/1999. ( )

...scare me sometimes...

Hey Bill...

This response submitted by Bob R on 1/2/1999. ( )

I talked to Bob Wednesday on the phone, and the letter was a follow-up on that conversation. It was NOT about you or plots against you, Ha ha. I'm sure he will tell you about it. Later

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